Levi (Daniela Istok)

A dissident against the establishment


Contact: 2 points for Franco Selvaggio


Daniela Istok, or ‘Levi’ as she is known on the streets and as her graffiti name (due to her love of Levi’s jeans), is a fervent opponent on whatever cause she has taken up. She has been known to rally against and whip up support against such topics as police brutality, human trafficking, political corruption, environmental abuses, etc. She often resorts to property damage and even physical violence to help the cause and position herself as a firm enemy of ‘The Establishment.’

She is a drifter on the streets and at times can be found in hostels or even crashing in drug dens. On rare occasions she is found couch surfing with slightly more affluent friends. In exceptional cases, when the heat is on, she has fled her native city of Bucharest to get out into the country or skips over into Hungary.

In the past year she encountered Vincente Rojas as well as Franco Selvaggio as the two men were trying to track down Victoria Cavanaugh, the mysterious shadowy assassin. While in Bucharest, they found Levi, who seemed to be wallowing in depression in a rain soaked alley. Something about her appealed to Franco, who had a connection with the scruffy street urchin. For her part, she was impressed with Franco, calling him ‘Sarpe’ after hearing his nickname ‘The Dragon’ which she felt was . . . cute. To this day, when she sees him, she becomes warmer, calling him her ‘Sarpe.’

It is unclear what her opinion is of Mirga Clanuri or Ruvari Szgany as they are certainly anti-establishment, themselves, but the establishment that they do represent is likely reprehensible to her. Drugs should a recreational escape, not a way for bloody killers to make a fortune. Human trafficking, which these groups no doubt have a hand in, would be repugnant to Levi.

Levi showed her value in Bucharest when she took the investigators in and kept them hidden when the heat was high after they attempted to apprehend the suspected terrorist Haluk Ozturk. She provided a safe place for them to hide for a short time.

Levi (Daniela Istok)

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