Katrina Vladova

A demolitions expert presumed dead


Katrina Vladov was a demolitions expert working with Ukrainian Ground Forces of the ZSU. One of her squad mates, Ilari Vasyl and she were separated from a group when fighting against the DPR. When they were cornered in a hail of bullets, Ilari had to cut and run, leaving her behind.

She has not been seen since and has not made any attempts at communication to Ilari or his superiors. The DPR has not made ransom demands.

Katerina was actually rediscovered, acting as a demolitions expert for an Edom team, with their Special Suppression Forces, transporting unknown cargo. Illari noticed her and when she was shot, moved to her rescue and suspected she was the victim of some kind of brainwashing. He set out to undo the procedure when Dr. Oskar Beaufort came to the rescue in an attempt to extract them from the situation.

When Illari interrogated her, she revealed that she had been working for a group that was fighting terrorism and blamed Illari and the rest of the ZSU for leaving her behind to die. Illari figured that the group she worked for was a secret subsidiary of Edom, but was convinced Katrina was unaware. After getting the information he needed, he contacted a radical member of Katrina’s family, Anatolia Vladova to come pick up Katrina and take her back to Ukraine.

Katrina Vladova

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