Kati Tisza

A woman of action


Kati Tisza is one of many mercenaries and killers that floats around Europe, waiting for one agency or another to contact them for work the agency does not want to sully their hands with. If Kati is like many of these any other ‘shadow operatives,’ then she has tortured, killed, robbed, blackmailed and worse to either send a message or remove an asset from play. Since Kati and others are paid well, part of that payment involved asking few questions of the men and women who pay them.

Kati is of Hungarian decent but has Austrian citizenship, growing up on the Austrian side of the German city Passau near Munich. However, like many of these operatives, she speaks numerous languages, fluently, and can pass herself off as a native to all but the most astute of observers.

In a recent project, Kati was contacted by Ilari Vasyl, a man who had worked with her, briefly, in the past. Ilari needed to get an asset out of London due to her knowledge of Bichi National Bank and whatever details they had in ongoing criminal organizations, specifically, some knowledge the branch executives had on something called The School. The target, Isabella Rikerts, was a junior executive at the bank who, due to her working for MI5 against the bank’s interests, was marked for death. Kati was able to successfully buy enough time for Ilari and Isabella to get out of London before returning to the darkness.

Kati Tisza

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