Karl Bonnaire

Not the average bank employee


Edom codename: Clockmaker

Karl Bonnaire, is the best known alias of the individual who acts as the lead field agent in the employ of Bichi National Bank. Karl is deployed when serious matters of bank security are thought to be compromised, While not legally employed by Bichi, Karl is, obviously, listed as an independent contractor.

Karl is capable, ruthless and efficient. He hires locals who do not ask many questions but do their jobs which include anything from making overt threats, breaking and entering and even murder. When it comes to digital intrusion, Karl rarely farms that work out as he prefers to handle such delicate matters on his own.

One of Karl’s current projects is Cal Morrison, an American agent formerly associated with the CIA. Karl, on behalf of Bichi, has issued a kill notice in England, France and Romania. Karl has put out the order that Morrison be taken out with extreme prejudice.

Karl is thought to be a French national due to his manner of speech, taste in clothing and food as well as subtle references to geographic locations.

Karl Bonnaire

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