Johan Schmidt

A handler now retired


Contact: Wolgang Fechtner for 3 points


Johan Schmidt had been in the BND for over thirty years. In that time, he collected secrets, contacts and allies since her knew that the life he had chosen was all he could do. He was the handler for numerous agents over the years but there was one in particular that caught his attention as capable, professional and a true asset to the German intelligence community. Wolfgang Fectner was more than just someone he handled for the agency. He was a friend and Johan quickly became Wolfgang's mentor. It was clear that Johann knew a lot of people in the shadowy world of espionage and likely even had connections, in his younger days, to individuals in the infamous Gehlen Organization. After all the BND was formed, at its core, by Gehlen men. When Johan finally retired from the BND, he lasted about two months of painting landscapes and reading espionage memoirs before he went 'back in the game' but this time as a freelancer. He felt that he had done his duty for his country and now it was time to do a duty for himself. However, he refuses to do anything that risks the lives or security of German intelligence and has made that perfectly clear in his dealings with their current agents. When Wolfgang last ran into him in Bucharest, Wolfgang discovered that Johan was actually smuggling soil, of all things, for either the sinister Mirga Clanuri or Ruvari Szgany. Schmidt seems to have dealt himself back into the game, so to speak, as it has been revealed that he is listed as a high ranking member of the BND. When Fechtner investigated some BND files it seems that Schmidt was actively watching Tabitha Holmwood, who he had pegged as a figure in a smuggling ring.

In a subsequent meeting, Wolfgang Fechtner handed over the the Hillingham Brooch to Johan Schmidt, as something of a peace offering for operating in Germany.

As it turned out, Schmidt may be working with either Edom or Dracula in some capacity, at least according to Wolfgang’s former mentor, Matias Emmerlich.


Johan Schmidt

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