Ivan Zhenya

A horse breeder


Contact: Pascal Lerue for 2 points


Ivan Zhenya is a long-time contact of Pascal Lerue who has worked with the KGB for most of his career. He spent years cultivating contacts, trading favors like currency and become a well known name in the intelligence community. As a man who would pride himself on doing things right and every operation he contributed to being a success, Ivan found himself embarassed during one particular job.

After being contacted by his old ally Lerue, Lerue and his team needed to get in and out of dark location outside of St. Petersburg, where Zhenya had been living in retirement as a horse breeder. The situation became compromised due to some faulty data and the mission was scrubbed. He managed to salvage his reputation by getting Lerue’s team out completely intact. Zhenya still feels tarnished by the experience as he was not able to live up to his own high standards. He feels as if he still owes Lerue for what went wrong in Russia.

Ivan Zhenya

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