Isabella Rikerts

A burned asset


Contact: 2 points for Ilari Vasyl


As an executive for Bichi National Bank at the London branch, Isabella had access to a number of meeting minutes and emails from some of the senior level executives, including Rupert Cavendish, Senior Vice President of UK Operations. Knowing there was something unsavory going on, she made some references to someone she knew in MI5 who she knew would take this serious. This, in turn, got GCHQ involved who began monitoring electronic communications. The details that Isabella seemed to have gathered was information on something certain Bichi executives were aware of called The School. Once a reference to The School came into the hands of Mi5 and GCHQ, things became exciting as chatter overflowed the airwaves. Then, things went dark.

Almost as if someone had informed on the informant, shots were fired near Isabella’s home and she quickly had to escape. An MI5 agent dealing with Isabella was concerned that there were leaks in the organization, so he turned her over to a trusted friend, Ilari Vasyl, who he knew would get her to safety. The first thing Ilari did was contact a shadowy individual who was from outside of this whole mess, Kati Tisza, a ruthless and efficient killer, to help protect Isabella. Kati certainly was effective when some unknown force sent a small kill team to finish the job, but Kati was able to buy enough time for Ilari and Isabella to escape, before receding into the darkness, herself.

Ilari then moved Isabella out of London and took her to a safehouse he had used in Sicily on a few different occasions. The rural area would be excellent to keep the girl hidden in a remote cottage. It was there that Ilari and Isabella made a connection and the two became intimate over a week period.

Ilari left her in Sicily until the current Bichi investigation concludes and her life is no longer in danger.

Isabella Rikerts

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