Hansi 'The Hun' Wollf

A dangerous and devious spy


Hansi Wollf is a notorious member of the German N Branch. Her uncanny ability to fight against the forces or darkness have put her in a unique position to identify and catalogue supernatural threats. However, her methods are nothing short of ruthless. She has been known to sacrifice innocents without a second thought in order to prevent a greater evil from taking hold, gaining her the moniker, ‘The Hun.’

Recently she crossed paths with Wolfgang Fechtner who she saw something she could use. Unofficially inducting him into N Branch and providing him some leads, as well as a useful piece of equipment, he agreed to assist her in some of her field operations.

Working out of the safe house at the Baden Hotel in London, Wollf is not a figure to be taken lightly.

She had, however, provide Fechtner with the N Branch Ring, a powerful artifact that she felt could assist him in his assignments.

Hansi 'The Hun' Wollf

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