Hanna Stasuk

An employee of Darkest Night


Contact: 2 points for Vasyl


Hanna has been in London, by way of Belgium, for over three years. She came to London in hopes of starting a modeling career but discovered that the world was not what she expected. The jobs were few and far between and what few jobs she could find were not as well paying as she had been led to believe.

During this time, she began a romantic relationship with Ilari Vasyl. The two had excellent chemistry and they seemed to get along well enough. However, with Ilari engaged in world travel, they gradually grew more distant. But from Ilari’s perspective, the relationship was still strong. He was horrified when he discovered that Hanna had gone to work for Darkest Night, a sex club. Certainly, it was a high end, upscale, wealthy and clean establishment but it was still a sex club at its core.

Hanna has a particular interest in alternative philosophies and religions and has picked up a number of spiritual paths over the years. She has dabbled in Kabbalah, gnosticism, any number of eastern philosophies and strange pagan schools of thought. Most recently, she has taken an interest in the Order of Darkness, a philosophy that seems to be more interested in debauched parties at the home of the spiritual leader more than any set of beliefs.

Presently, Hanna still works there and it tears Ilari up to see her there, causing him to avoid the location at all costs.

Unfortunately, it was determined that Hanna had been turned into a vampire and she was destroyed in an altercation with Illari Vassyl.

Hanna Stasuk

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