Fox Schillnger

A lone wolf


A mysterious CIA operative and conspiracy theorist who flies under the radar due to his strange theories on just about everything. However, his mind works on a far different level than most other people and as a result this allows him to piece together connections and ideas that most other individuals would never connect.

He has a past with Cal Morrison as the two were first stationed in London together, working on the team under Eloise Buckley. Fox began to notice patterns between strange cult-like groups and churches and whereas most people dismissed him as an eccentric lunatic who had no place in intelligence work, much less the CIA, Cal followed up on some of his theories which ended up saving the lives of countless church goers.

Currently, Fox is stationed in Bucharest, under the command of Chief of Station Lou Mangiotti. Whereas Fox had been working on the massive Bichi National Bank case as well as their connections to organized crime, Mangiotti recently pulled him off to do analyst work. It was Fox who revealed some of Mangiotti’s schedule to Cal and his team and agreed to look into some of the Romanian Mafia clans as well as their connections to greater cogs in a conspiracy that Cal and his team were trying to uncover.

Fox Schillnger

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