Ernie Pitt

A hot-tempered member of Parliament


PM Ernie Pitt is a Labour Party representative representing one of the sophisticated urban districts of London and a high ranking member of the House of Commons. As a member of the Joint Committee on National Security Strategy along with Lord Godalming, he is privy to many of the state’s secrets. However, his left-leaning views put him at odds with Lord Godalming. Pitt’s firebrand nature and media-savy antics had gained him quite the reputation over the years.

Wolfgang Fechtner and Cal Morrison determined that Edom agents were spying on PM Pitt and decided to use this to their advantage by informing him just enough to get him on the warpath. Pascal Lerue met with Pitt and provided him enough information to get him wound up and Cal was able to convince the journalist, Laurel Dene to run stories with the spying evidence they provided.

Ernie Pitt

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