Erik Bennet III

Did he know too much?


Erik Bennet III is a lawyer employed by Linklaters LLP, one of the largest law firms in England. He bears the dubious distinction of having once been romantically linked with Tabitha Holmwood. More importantly, he was on the Bichi National Bank account, a Romanian bank his firm represents, and this could have been what led to the unfortunate incident that currently has him in a coma.

Several months ago, while attending an exclusive yacht party with Tabitha, Erik was shot, by an individual wielding a high-powered sniper rifle. Whereas the shot was not fatal, it placed him in a coma where he still rests today in an upscale London hospital, and it is unknown if he will ever recover.

Wolfgang Fechtner was present that night, watching Tabitha, hoping to get close to him.

Erik Bennet III

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