The identity of Elvis is unknown other than he appears to be a Duke of Edom.

Pascal Lerue created a dossier on Elvis that revealed some of his current actions. Unfortunately many assets had to be burned to collect the following information:

  • ‘Elvis’ is roughly translated as ‘Alvah,’ the Biblical Duke of Edom in Genesis 36:40 and referenced as ‘Aliah’ in 1 Chronicles 1:51
  • Whereas Elvis is not in charge of Edom, per se, he is certainly one of the more influential Dukes
  • Elvis has the authority to order ‘Special Suppression Forces’ (SSF) teams into the field very quickly
  • He seems to run the Edom network in the East and likely travels from the east to London and back frequently
  • It is likely that officials in local, state and federal law enforcement in Romania are loyal to Elvis and Edom whether they know who they are working for or not
  • There is likely a deep cover agent in the Turkish community in Bucharest who supplies intel to Elvis on a variety of terror cells
  • There was recently an order placed to deliver a package from Egypt that required the use of two teams of SSFs as delivery people, likely using Axel Logistics as the cover – whereas the order has not yet been delivered, it may be possible to intercept but could be tricky and dangerous
  • According to the chatter Elvis was ‘on scene’ at Slains Castle after the location was hit
  • He likely is the Duke who spends the most time ‘on the ground’
  • From chatter he seems to have people working for him (whether they know it or not) in CIA, GCHQ, MI6, BND as well as several criminal networks
  • Elvis’ attention has been drawn to other operatives in the field connected to something called Camp Midnight
  • Elvis seems extremely interested in collecting corpses and getting them to Dr. Drawes
  • One individual, Omar Shakti, an Egyptian businessman living in Brussels, may have had contact with him as red flags have Shakti in contact with people who may have contacts with Elvis
  • Elvis seems to have had more chatter associated with a Duke called Pearl (Pinon) who seems, according to the research, Edom’s resident ‘super-thief’
  • Elvis seems to be working on several solutions to address the recent ‘variables’ that have arisen recently (the investigative agents)
  • Currently, Elvis may be in either Bucharest or the Balkans
  • Elvis seems to have some kind of assistant/personal secretary code named ‘Bela’


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