Eloise Buckley

The CIA's main operative in London


Eloise Buckley has worked her way up from desk analyst for the CIA in the 1970’s, to full on Chief of Station in London to the present day. Anyone who meets her immediately recognizes her professionalism and her ruthless advocacy for her people and those under her command.

Coming over to the UK, with a group of young recruits in the 1970’s, along with Victoria Cavanaugh (nee Wilce), Eloise watched with nervous enthusiasm as the Cold War played out in front of her and as the West gradually made greater and greater gains.

Loyal and dedicated to the ideals of American and Western culture and freedoms, Eloise has worked closely with her UK partners to abolish the Eastern Bloc nations and after a short breathing period, found newfound enthusiasm to begin engaging the War on Terror in the post 9/11 world.

In 1977, Buckley was a CIA asset first assigned to Station Bucharest. Three weeks after coming to London, she found herself in the middle of the Cold War. In a short amount of time, it was a shitstorm as something collapsed within the chain of command. She salvaged what she could of the CIA network but the apparent blundering of MI6 cost the lives of several of her best sources and nearly got her killed on a rainy backwater street in Cluj. It left her with a poor opinion of British agencies and she vowed to never be in this situation again.

Nearly 40 years later, she is now Chief of Station London. It is no surprise to anyone that she is in London to “keep the UK government’s nerves in check” British support for the War on Terror faded after Iraq. As the CIA’s representative, she attends Joint Intelligence Committee meetings with heads of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.

Quite likely Buckley has remained close with Cavanaugh and if Cavanaugh needs to be found, Buckley may be the way to get with her.

The recent London bombings have caused Buckley to become distracted with more pressing matters and her relationship with Cal Morrison has been set aside, leaving the details of running operations with Morrison to Agent Tyler Gold.

Eloise Buckley

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