Edward Bentley

Retired Rome Chief of Station for MI6


Edward Bentley was the MI6 Chief of Station in Rome from 1976 to 2001, a rarity that one man would run an area for 25 years. Likely he would have lasted several more years if not for 9/11 which required a massive overhaul in approach and levels of aggression on the part of the West. After all, men like Bentley failed to see the picture forming in front of their eyes and it was time for a change. Bentley and men like him had been focused on Cold War approaches and that time was now long gone. England could no longer afford to play by the same rules of engagement that had caught they and their American allies off guard.

However, during his time in Rome, he had the opportunity to get to know a young man in his neighborhood, Franco Selvaggio. It was Edward that first put the idea of working in ‘the industry’ which made a strong impression on Franco as he began working towards a career that would put him in the exciting world of espionage and what the movies told him was the world of James Bond and Jason Bourne.

Edward has been a good friend to Franco for years and now that Edward is enjoying retirement outside of London, Franco, also living in London, has paid Edward a visit on numerous occasion. Edward has been invaluable in helping Franco navigate not only London, a city where Edward is a true expert, but also navigating some of the strange a Machiavellian forces that inhabit the shadowy world Franco has entered. After all, is one ever truly out of the game?

Edward Bentley

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