Eddie Muskva

A charming Russian retiree


It is almost a certainty that ‘Eddie Muskva’ is not his name but rather the name he goes by. The story Eddie provides is that he was something of a counterpart in the KGB to Victoria Cavanaugh in the CIA. Whereas there are so very few people who know anything about Eddie’s past, the few who do know are aware that he has taken out many individuals for Mother Russia over the decades, maintaining a friendly relationship with Victoria over the years.

When Eddie decided that being a retired agent in Russia was not nearly as interesting or as safe as being a retiree in the West, Eddie moved to Germany, then France, then finally London. It was at this point that Victoria introduced him to the young and brash, Franco Drago Selvaggio AKA Frankie Savage. It seemed that the two got along rather well and Eddie went a long way to improving Frankie’s technique as a marksman. To this day the two have an almost father and son relationship as Frankie turns to Eddie for advice from time to time.

Eddie Muskva

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