Dr. Oskar Beaufort

A serious researcher


Herr Doktor Beaufort is a fringe researcher associated with the Caldwell Foundation. Doktor Beaufort has been the recipient of several grants in the past few years, pushing his research toward medical applications, specifically rapid healing chemicals, skin grafts and the ability to regrow severed limbs. His small business, Helix Labs is a tiny building outside of London where he works on his projects. Cal Morrison, Frankie Savage and Vicente Rojas visited Dr. Beaufort at Helix Labs and found the doctor engaged in a variety of disturbing experiments. They claimed to be representatives of the Caldwell Foundation which was the only reason they were allowed admittance. As they looked around his lab, they discovered he was erratic and prone to violence, as well as his propensity to conduct inhuman experiments on monkeys. Dr. Beaufort did share an amazing discovery that he demonstrated by stabbing a monkey and then providing it with his Experimental Serum which seemed to heal the creature within about ten minutes. Cal promptly stole a small vial of the serum.

Dr. Beaufort recently resurfaced in Munich, at the request of a team contact, Magda Paz, in order to tend to Illai Vassyl and wounds he suffered at the hands of a vampire. He offered his assistance in getting the team to perform some work for him in return for more vials of the Experimental Serum.


Dr. Beaufort showed up, yet again, outside of Brussels, shortly after the team hit an Edom caravan. He attempted to save the team from certain doom at the hands of Edom forces but only Illari Vassyl and Pascal Lerue took him up on his offer and they also dragged along Luigi Cardellini and Katrina Vladova. It is presumed that Dr. Beaufort took them all to safety, awaiting a connection with the others. His network of safehouses in Belgium included the luxurious Beaufort’s Safehouse outside of Ostende.

After going on an assignment to ‘rescue’ Beaufort’s niece, Emma Goetz, the agents encountered a man named Vincent who revealed that Beaufort was actually none other than the inspiration for the insane Dr. Frankenstein of literature. This meant, of course, that Vincent was ‘The Creature’ from the same novel. Reluctantly, the team decided to work with Beaufort, despite his technology that prolonged his life which included cannibalizing descendants of their precious vital organs.

Dr. Oskar Beaufort

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