Dr. Goodpasture

A shadowy member of numerous cabals


Dr. Goodpasture is the name used by a European agent of various criminal organizations. Selling out his services as an ‘interrogator for hire,’ Dr. Goodpasture seems to be of British decent and, according to Wolfgang Fechtner, a legendary and ruthless individual.

Supposedly, Dr. Goodpasture’s background is in dentistry, which is used in his interrogation methods. One of Dr. Goodpasture’s favorite tactics to to give the impression he is a fop or a simpleton as it often puts his subjects off guard before his true ruthless techniques come to light.

A chance encounter at a Belgium inn put Dr. Goodpasture at odds with Wolfgang Fechtner, Cal Morrison and Vicente Rojas. However, they managed to escape before falling into the doctor’s clutches as he seemed to be currently employed by Edom.

Dr. Goodpasture

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