Dr. Adrianne Vanderpool

A botanist with connections


Dr. Adrianne Vanderpool is the great-granddaughter of Dr. Feliz Vanderpool, the man who supplied Dr. Abraham van Helsing, the Vanderpool Garlic. Seemingly, the younger Dr. Vanderpool has followed in her ancestor’s footsteps by working with plants, fruits and vegetables, working on special strains for superior taste, look and longevity.

Her business, Vanderpool Glass House, located in Haarlem, is where she and her staff work on their botanical experiments. When the investigators were introduced to her by way of contact, Prof. Hans Loper, they were not expecting someone as peculiar as she seemed. When pressed by the investigators, she eventually relented, explaining that she did have access to the garlic and that she was being watched. Later that night she took the investigators to a secret location, underground and provided them with several strains of the garlic for a steep price.

Before leaving, Cal Morrison provided her with a way to get in touch with him if she needed help.

Dr. Adrianne Vanderpool

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