Countess Margo Dolinz

A countess who doesn't like to be photographed


Little is known about Countess Dolinz other than she claims to be from the Gratz area of Austria. According to Lord Blakeford Caldwell she only recently joined the board of directors of the Caldwell Foundation. However, when Cal Morrison recently encountered her at a fundraiser for Heal the Children, there was something about her that he found mysterious yet alluring and when he secretly videotaped her, he discovered she was unable to be caught on camera.

Countess Dolinz has made it evident that she is in London for a short period of time, apparently to conduct important business. However, what is less clear is whether or not she she is reporting back to Edom or Dracula or any involvement with the Satanic Cult of Dracula. Her chief of security, Niles Graves, oversees her schedule and her protection while traveling.

It was theorized by Wolfgang Fechtner that Countess Dolinz may be one in the same with Countess Dolinger of Gratz, a character mentioned in the book Dracula, associated with the quote, ‘the dead travel fast.’ Further, based upon her ability to control the Blood Demon, she may well be a high ranking mage and servant of Satan and student of the Scholomance.

Countess Margo Dolinz

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