Constantino Jacopo (The Cannibal)

An agent who went too deep


Constantino Jacopo started in SISMI training along with his friend, Franco Selvaggio in Italy. Constantino was identified, early on, as an excellent candidate for secret, undercover work. His command of the English language as well as his strong psychological profile marked him with high numbers for such an assignment. He was warm, friendly, and exceedingly charming.

Taken out of the regular SISMI training, he was reassigned but he and Franco kept in touch, seeing each other from time to time. Obviously, neither of the young men discussed their work but it was clear that they were working in different areas for the same end goal. At one point Franco even introduced him to his friend and mentor, Chief of Station in Rome, Edward Bentley.

Then something happened few people are willing to discuss. Despite the best testing and psychological profiles that were established, mistakes were made or deficiencies were overlooked. On assignment – the details obscured by an embarrassed Italian government – Jacopo slipped do deep into a cover, as, apparently, a serial killer (perhaps to cover hits against actual targets), that he began to believe he was the monster he was assigned to be. Jacopo began targeting attractive young nurses as apparently nurses are clean, unlike the filthy, filthy prostitutes.

He is a shocking embarrassment to the Italian government and would love to see this rogue agent brought back in, any way possible. They have, of course, denied all knowledge of his existence and are hoping the situation resolves itself. Yet, they cannot afford for police to apprehend him as his unpredictable nature would possible compromise their ongoing operations.

Jacopo has always had an interest in strange faiths and unusual philosophical paths. Occult bookstores and the like are the only places that authorities could catch him while not stalking prey.

Jacopo still remains charming and likable, which is how he gets close to his targets. He is suspected to be in and around London, where his good looks and accent make for an easy way to gain the confidence of his prey. But for those few in the know, such as Selvaggio, Jacopo has savaged his victims, eating part of them and draining their blood in the process. According to Selvaggio, Jacopo has 4 confirmed victims and may have up to three more.

One of Jacopo’s favorite catchphrases was “Aeternum Vale,” translated as “Farewell Forever.” This phrase was recently discovered at Hillingham House in Hampstead, indicated that Jacopo possibly was there.

Constantino Jacopo (The Cannibal)

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