Christina Wasslyk

Power behind the throne


Little is known about Christina Wasslyk as her past is virtually unknown prior to hooking up with Saverio Tumicelli’s smuggling operation in southern and eastern Europe. However, after an altercation with Vincente Rojas and Ilari Vasyl, which left Tumicelli incarcerated and some valuable agents captured or killed, she slipped away to set up shop elsewhere.

As it turns out, from one of the members of the operation captured, Wasslyk has a genius level intelligence and a knack for planning, understanding routes and timetables and a charming, yet disarming personality. But she is a stone cold killer, and a calculating student of human emotion.

It is suspected that after the altercation in Salzburg (likely sold out by Cardinal Heinrich Ausland), Wasslyk may have turned to smuggling people full time and actually engaging in the art of kidnapping. Some sources say she has turned up in France or even Amsterdam were drug use is high and inhibitions are low (and naive American and Canadian tourists show up by the busload). Some sources say she is working in concert with Ruvari Szgany.

It is ironic that one underling commented that one of her favorite films is Taken.

Christina Wasslyk

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