Cemal Gusa

A major connection for heroin


Cemal Gusa runs a major drug operation between Afghanistan and western Europe. Operating in and around Munich and other German and Austrian cities, Gusa has established a major cartel with himself at the top.

Gusa seems to be the connection for Tabitha Holmwood and the situation she has found herself in. However, when Franco Selvaggio listened in on their conversation and later interrogated Tabitha, he discovered that the operation Gusa had with Tabitha was smuggling soil – hardly an illegal substance – back to London.

Wolfgang Fechtner later discovered that this operation was not only known to the BND was was allowed to flourish with the consent of Johan Schmidt. Whether or not Gusa knew that the BND was allowing him to operate is not known.

Gusa is a dangerous individual with many dealers, enforcers and soldiers under his command. His ability to crush his competition and use agents from his home country of Turkey, is a a testament to his control over his empire. Gusa’s second-in-command, Zoltan Nemet, a Hungarian, runs the day-to-day operations of the cartel.

Cemal Gusa

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