An international terrorist for hire


The Cardinal is a name given to a terrorist for hire and leader of what may be a mercenary company. No known photos of the Cardinal are known or why he even has been given that moniker. The Cardinal and his subordinates were the ones responsible for Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, shot down in July of 2014. Ilari Vasyl was sent to investigate the connection in London as it is suggested that the Cardinal could be in London plotting a new attack against a civilian target.

Ilari has put together that the Cardinal is ex-KGB working with the DPR. Whereas the motives of all parties involved are unknown, it certainly fits in with the Cardinal’s M.O.human

Recently, forces in the underworld put a hit out on Thor Halvarsson, the outspoken anti-globalism and anti-human trafficking advocate. The Cardinal was the one paid to take Halvarsson out but was instead killed by Pascal Lerue.


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