Bridget Lawrence

A bartender gone missing


Until roughly a year ago, Bridget Lawrence was the Beverage Manager at the exclusive American dining experience restaurant outside of London known as the Hickory Tree. The Hickory Tree was widely known to MI5 as a regular meeting place for a variety of criminal enterprises as the restaurant manager had carefully set up meeting rooms that had linings that made them very difficult to provide surveillance. MI5, with the help of the CIA (but without knowledge of MI6, had decided to recruit an asset in Bridget, in hopes of gaining human intelligence on the criminal enterprises.

Franco Selvaggio, who had been tracking down a dangerous syndicate man from Sicily, followed him to the Hickory Tree where he struck up a conversation with Bridget which led to a fast and furious romance between the two. However, Bridget was unaware of Franco’s true loyalties and never spoke about her MI5 connections. When she disappeared, Franco assumed the worst.

However, unbeknownst to either MI5, the CIA or Franco, Pascal Lerue was responsible for getting Bridget out of the area, putting her back in hew home town of Whitby until things calmed down.

Bridget Lawrence

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