Brendan O'Banion

A bomb expert with the Real IRA


Brendan O’Banion was an operative in the Real IRA but had been arrested in 2015 for various terrorist-related crimes. Shadowy forces had contacted Franco Selvaggio and Wolfgang Fechtner to break O’Bannion out of the facility where he was being held in London. Obviously, there was someone who needed access to bomb related skills. Either way, Wolfgang was under the impression that O’Bannion had vital information that could help Interpol. This was an important lesson for Wolfgang about trust.

While they were able to break O’Bannion out, Fechtner was horrified to discover that within one week, a bomb that bore his signature went off in Piccadilly Circus. Among those dead, included fifteen adults and three children. This is something that Wolfgang has lived with ever since.

Selvaggio, however, kept delicate contacts with O’Bannion and knows how to get in touch with him. Whether he would share this with the emotionally scarred Fechtner, remains to be seen.

Unbeknownst to Brendan, however, the twist of fates again intervened. A high ranking official in the Italian government needed Brandan’s brother, Paddy, killed. Franco Selvaggio was the trigger man, something that Brendan never discovered but would no doubt impact their relationship were he to find out.

Brendan O'Banion

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