Boris Borgo

A small time hood


A small time crime boss in the southern wards of Bucharest, Boris Borgo, oversees minor scams, protection rackets and various heists, using some of the local muscle to keep some of the locals in line. Whereas Boris does not have a massive network of followers and henchmen, he does have the respect of most people in his greater neighborhood and in his areas is seen as a ‘boss of bosses’ among the independent criminals in the south of Bucharest, staying far away from the more powerful groups in the east and west of town, such as the Mirga Clanuri and Ruvari Szgany. Much like all the crime bosses in the area, he is very proud of his Roma heritage.

Borgo maintains a decent relationship with the smuggler, Marika Skinsky, whom he has offered some protection in return for a cut of some of her jobs she performs. It is hardly a relationship she wants, but in these troubled times, she knows a good thing when she sees it as Borgo has enough sway to keep her safe, if she stays within his area of influence.

Boris Borgo

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