Anna Szabo

A human rights lawyer with a tragic past


Anna Szabo was freed from a life of sexual depravity by Vincente Rojas and given a better life. Raised by loving, adopted parents in France, Anna eventually went on to have an emotional and spiritual healing, thanking God for the intervention of Vincente, who she feels was sent by an angel to help her.

With stunning good looks, as if she were a professional model, she uses her natural beauty and grace to act as a spokesperson for those who have been dehumanized, in the hopes of using her face to give these individuals more of a voice.

Today, Anna is an international human rights lawyer, employed by Linklaters LLP, working with numerous organizations to not only promote the health and well being of society’s weakest members but to also work with local and federal agencies to end human trafficking. Anna also spends a great deal of her time working with Heal the Children, the London-based child welfare organization.

Anna lives in Paris and will provide information to Vincente Roja when she can. However, she has a paranoid fear that people are coming after her for her work and is often too afraid to help Vincente (or anyone for that matter) in another ‘under the table.’ Even when she does agree to meet with Vincente – or anyone else – she has an eccentricity where she will only meet them at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

She had worked with Erik Bennet on some projects through the firm to help draft legislation for the EU regarding joint investigations into banks known to house money of human traffickers.

Unfortunately, in early July, she was one of several Edom victims in the Night of the Purge.

Anna Szabo

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