Anatolia Vladova

A hardline freedom fighter


Anatolia Vladova is a radical freedom fighter within the ZSU. She is the younger niece of Katrina Valdova and due to their relative closeness in age, Anatolia has always looked up to her aunt as an older sister, following in her footsteps as a member of the dedicated individuals who wish to keep Russian aggression in check.

However, whereas Katrina was cold and calm in her approach, Anatolia is far more outspoken, violent and even charismatic. Anatolia has drawn a line in the proverbial sand and allows no quarter for the Russian aggressors. Further, she has extended her anger and hatred to other enemies of the state – radical Islamic extremists.

Anatolia has gained a ruthless reputation among her peers which is a reputation well deserved for her capable tactics as well as ruthless approach in dealing with enemies. As a result, Antaolia has had to associate herself with various unsavory characters – arms dealers, white separatists and other radical groups as she cobbles together a network of pro-Ukrainian agents to help in her show of force.

She was recently contacted by Illari Vasyl when he needed her to take custody of Katrina and take her back to the Ukraine after Katrina had been involved with Edom forces in western Europe.

Anatolia Vladova

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