Alfred Wagner

A man in the Vatican


Vincente Rojas has been exposed to the worst kinds of thugs and criminals in his pursuit of justice, specifically to stop those individuals who would traffic in girls, drugs and weapons. During an investigation into a particularly ruthless gang of Mexican cartels that were dominate in the flesh trade in Central America, he uncovered a plot to assassinate an outspoken bishop in Mexico, Bishop Oscar Selzada. Bishop Selzada had been using his power and influence to rally against the cartel and they found this . . . troubling. When Rojas discovered the plot not only involved the assassination of a good man but they were going to do it in a very public place when Bishop Selzada traveled to Rome to meet with the Pope, he tried to stop it.

This is when Rojas encountered Alfred Wagner, the head of counter terrorism for the Swiss Guard. Alfred was able to use a variety of high tech counter terrorism measures, as well as bring in the Italian government to trap the would-be assassins and apprehend them before they could make good on their threat.

Ever since this incident, the two have been close. Wagner and Rojas both believe that the world is filled with untrustworthy and vile people who will stop at nothing in chasing money or a mad ideology or both. Wagner sees Rojas as a crusader in a world of darkness and the kind of person who has been placed on earth to truly do God’s work in protecting the innocent.

Whereas Wagner is not involved in Church policy, he is connected to international security around the world to ensure host countries to the Holy Father and his retinue are safe and secure. He is an invaluable resource and a hidden gem for those in the intelligence community. Wagner does not get daily briefings to the same level that intelligence directors in major countries get but the vast amount of trust he has built up with his colleagues has his eyes and ears in more places one would expect.

Unfortunately, Wagner got swept up in the conspiracy and after helping Rojas and the others at the Vatican, he paid for it with his life in an attempt, likely by Edom to frame Rojas.

Alfred Wagner

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