Alfanso Gomez

A very bad man


Alfanso Gomez has long had connections to drug dealers, revolutionaries, hit men and anyone else who was wiling to conduct illegal activity for money. At one time, linked heavily with the FARC organization in Columbia, Gomez may act in more of an advisory or subcontractor role today.

He has a long past with Vicente Rojas as well as the connections Rojas had with the Narcos investigations in the 1980’s and Rojas is aware that Gomez is responsible for the deaths of dozens of individuals and anyone else who may have crossed [[:andreas-villeral | Andreas Villeral] and the rest of the powerful Columbian drug lords.

Recently, Gomez was spotted in Bucharest, seemingly negotiating with a terrorist cell protecting Haluk Ozturk. The exact nature of his business was unclear and it took everything in his power for Vicente to not pull the trigger and shoot Gomez but the mission was far more important and Gomez was not the target. This time.

Alfanso Gomez

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