Aiden Tobias

Psychic, former "remote agent" for the Star Gate Program


Trust given:

Trust gained:

  • Kat (Matt) 2
  • Ilari (Steve) 3
  • Vincente (Billy) 0

Network Contacts (Network pool = 15):

Known Aliases (Cover pool = 10):

  • John St. John (Cover 0) (British passport), lounge singer
  • Mark Bentley (Cover 4) (British passport), former accountant for Ethan Willingham, now working for Henri Valant
  • Yuri Androvic (Cover 0) (Serbian passport)


  • Concealed armor vest [Armor 1]
  • Tactical armor vest [Armor 2]
  • SIG P229 [heavy pistol; damage +1] with jacketed silver AP ammo, built-in laser sight, rail-mounted UV flashlight [damage +0 to those susceptible to sunlight or UV]
  • Silver knuckles [damage +1]
  • Audi S6 [sports car; speed +1, maneuver +1]
  • Dracula Dossier
  • Le Dragon Noir
  • Spear of Longinus
  • Spirit Board


  • Turn to Mist

Health 10
Stability 8

Investigative Abilities:
Accounting 1, Astronomy 2, Bullshit Detector 3, Bureaucracy 1, Chemistry 1, Cryptography 1 (free from Digital Intrusion 8+), Data Recovery 1, Electronic Surveillance 1, Flattery 1, Flirting 1, Forgery 2 (British passports), Fringe Science 1, Geology 1, High Society 1, History 1, Human Terrain 1, Languages 3 (English (native), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Serbian), Military Science 1, Negotiation 1, Notice 3, Occult Studies 3, Outdoor Survival 1, Photography 1, Reassurance 1, Research 1, Streetwise 1 (free), Tradecraft 1 (free), Traffic Analysis 1, Urban Survival 1 (unassigned), Vampirology 2

General Abilities:
Athletics 8, Digital Intrusion 8, Driving 8 (automobile), Filch 2, Infiltration 8, Piloting 1 (unassigned), Preparedness 8, Psychic 8, Sense Trouble 2, Shooting 8 (MOS), Shrink 1


  • Athletics 8+: Parkour; Support Move; Breakfall
  • Driving 8+: Gear Devil; Grand Theft Auto
  • Infiltration 8+: Open Sesame
  • Preparedness 8+: In the Nick of Time
  • Shooting 8+: Extra Attacks; Sniping; Technothriller Monologue

Sources of Stability:

  • Symbol: Deck of Zener cards, which he uses to perform “parlor tricks”.
  • Solace: Mira Petravic, curator of the Nikola Tesla Museum.
  • Safety: Nikola Tesla Museum, in Belgrade, Serbia. When he first visited, Aiden noticed a marked increase in focus and psychic power while inside.


  • Mystery


Aiden Tobias (b. 15 Feb 1982, Glens Falls, NY, USA) is formerly a “remote agent” in the CIA. He is a talented psychic who formerly performed remote viewing for the Star Gate Program, run in an undisclosed location by the CIA.

Aiden is the grandson of Nikola Tesla, or so his grandmother claimed. (Nikola Tesla died on 7 Jan 1943 of coronary thrombosis
…right around the time of the first commentary in the Dracula Dossier. He was 86 years old at the time, but still there could be some connection.) Aiden’s grandmother never married, but claimed to have an affair with the “mad scientist” that produced an illegitimate daughter, whom she named Nicole. Nicole died during Aiden’s birth, and Aiden’s father, Harold, died in 1990, so his grandmother raised Aiden from age 8.

Aiden entered The Farm with Cal Morrison at the beginning of their CIA training, but while Cal scored better in tech and field work, Aiden scored exceptionally high for ESP potential. Because of this talent, Aiden was identified and taken in the night for another program: the Star Gate Program. Cal never saw him again.

A couple of years ago, Aiden escaped from his sensory deprivation tank at Star Gate, stowed away on a cargo ship headed to Europe, and made his way around that region, eventually ending up in Belgrade, Serbia. For about a year, he worked for the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade as a scientific consultant, where he became close friends with the curator, Mira Petravic. He had felt drawn to the museum, and he feels a marked increase in focus and psychic power while inside; he also has had some access to the museum’s restricted archives.

Recently, Aiden caught wind (whether by seeing him on the news or through visions) of Cal’s exploits and flt compelled to track him down. He was in London the night of the Singleton party fiasco ([[Episode 7: Party Crashers | Episode 7: Party Crashers]]), having discovered Cal in town and hoping to approach him, but Cal was ushered off for another conversation before Aiden could approach him and the subsequent incident ruined any chance of a clandestine meeting. Aiden was briefly detained by Metro Police and MI-5 following the incident, but fortunately he was cleared of any involvement and none of the authorities discerned his true identity. Aiden hoped to meet up with Cal the next time he was on the continent, but Cal’s repeated involvement in noisy incidents stymied Aiden’s efforts and he was reluctant to step far enough into the light to contact Cal. Because of this, Aiden blames himself in part for Cal’s descent into the madness of Bathory’s journals and employ because of this.

Following the recent deaths of Cal Morrison, Franco Draga Selvaggio, and Wolfgang Fechtner, Aiden approached Cal’s remaining conspirators and has since joined the team. His special talents proved immediately useful in locating and securing Le Dragon Noir and the Renfield Page from Graf Orlok (n) at Castle Schreck.

Aiden Tobias

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