Adam Cylinski

The cyclops sees everything


Cylinski, a Korean born child, adopted by a Polish-Catholic family in Michigan, when he was still an infant had a normal, American upbringing. As an adult, however, things were far different. He joined the CIA, right out of a foreign languages and literature major at Michigan State but came close to entering the seminary, instead. He was immediately assigned to the extraordinary rendition program of the late 1990’s. His peripatetic lifestyle became downright unmoored after 9/11, and he hasn’t actually set foot in America for over a decade. He’s a familiar face on virtually every US and NATO airbase, and in a startling number of foreign prisons.

He is an excellent interrogator, both in the “let’s talk just you and me/can I get you a halal meal” sense and the “they say waterboarding doesn’t work but let’s give it a whirl just this once” sense. he spent two years at a special site in Bucharest before it shut down in 2006 and still returns to the Balkans every other tour, as the CIA chases the so-far phantom threat of “white al-Qaeda.” His interrogations now mostly happen on US Navy frigates stationed on the Mediterranean, which he feels is confining and unprofessional. Every so often the SIE, the Turks, or the Bulgarians call him in (with CIA approval) to “consult” on a case in their own prisons, a real tribute to his skills. Along his journeys he picked up the nickname ‘Cyclops’ for some reason known only to a scant few. Cylinski seems to enjoy the nickname.

Cylinski played a pivotal role in how Cal Morrison came to view the CIA. When Morrison first arrived in Europe, the Agency used code he had written but the code was improperly applied. The corrupted code was used to incorrectly identify a Pakistani accountant as having vital information on Bichi National Bank. Cal knew they had the wrong man based on the flawed use of of his code. But the CIA wouldn’t listen. When Cal went to Turkey to stop the investigation, it was too late. The accountant had expired and Cylinski was furious that the CIA had him effectively torture and execute an innocent man. Since Cylinski does not like to be wrong, they made a deal. Cal took ownership of the mistake and this seemed to absolve Cylinski’s conscience. Cal then applied the code correctly and they apprehended and interrogated the right man and the secret of the dead Pakistani was never spoken of again as it is clearly a sore point with Cylinski.

Cylinksi ended up being an agent of Dracula, having been turned at some point, likely due to his extensive knowledge of prisoners and CIA tactics. Illari Vassyl was forced to kill him in Bucharest when the team freed Dr. Henry Loughlin and his wife, Jo, from his custody.

Adam Cylinski

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