Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 53: Fechtner's Last Reich

August 23rd, 2018 – August 30th, 2018


The infamous Castle Schreck was something the team knew they would have to penetrate if they were to uncover the secrets of Le Dragon Noir. Of course, the dangers that they suspected they would face were something even they could not yet imagine. To mitigate the danger, they did as much legwork as they could, reading historical documents of the castle and finding what they could. Whereas they did discover tunnels underneath the castle as well as a small stream, they were adamant in their theory that they should not blindly use underground, dark tunnels, but instead try something with less potential peril.

Illari Vassyl decided they would pose as hunters and investigate the surrounding forest near the castle. Wolfgang Fechtner and Vincente Rojas would also take part but Kat DeWein would stay behind in Passau, monitoring their progress.

The plan was to approach the castle in the dark hours of the morning, establish various posts from where they could monitor the castle as well as the castle grounds and keep watch all through the day, leaving when it became dark. It would be a very long day, filled with mostly dull observation. But hopefully it would reap dividends.

Through the day, there was minimal activity other than the actions of a lone man, a caretaker (later identified as Murnau). Murnau came and went from the castle and looked through the property. Only at around 6 PM did Murnau come out from the castle and remove the lock from the gate that sealed off the property. Most likely he was expecting visitors. But who? This certainly was enough to keep the team in position, to see who was coming.

As they waited, shortly after dark, a truck pulled up to the property and the driver came through and entered the courtyard. The team watched as the truck came to a stop and unloaded 15 bound and hooded prisoners and placed them in the courtyard. The driver and the passenger of the truck quickly got back in and drove away, nervously. It was at this point that the agents knew they had to do something as it was evident that these prisoners were to be used as food for whatever evil was inside. They immediately came down from their positions and made their way to the castle as quickly as they could.

Entering the courtyard, they immediately saw that in the time it took for them to get here, one of the prisoners was missing. Someone must have come and taken one. Before anything else could happen, the team began untying the prisoners, but discovered they were groggy and drugged and were incapable of helping themselves. Suddenly, behind them, having come from the same direction they did, was a figure. Wolfgang quickly saw his tattered Nazi uniform and pieced together this must have been the infamous Major Helmut Doring that was referenced in some of the Dracula Dossier materials.

Wolfgang sprung into action, merely hearing some of the grumbles that Major Doring uttered before opening fire, which immediately caught the attention of Illari and Vincente. But just when the team thought they had things under control, Major’s Doring’s undead troops came storming through the courtyard, with the agents risking being overrun within moments. The agents unloaded with every grenade, holy water vial and weapon they had, but they quickly were swarmed. Wolfgang barely knew what had happened before he was taken down by a group of the undead and both Illari and Vincente spent every ounce of their will to fight the creatures. Wolfgang managed to fend off some and his allies took out the others. But as he crawled his way over to Major Doring to deliver a kill shot, he knew that he was about to be swarmed again. He delivered the shot to the undead Major before another swarm swallowed him, leading to his inevitable death. But in a final act, he pulled his grande, taking some of them with him.

Shocked by the death of Wolfgang, Vincente and Illari pushed on. fighting valiantly, but they, too, were quickly overrun with Vincente taking a ruthless bite from one of the creatures, a bite that seemed to have deeper ramifications, as he would soon see. But both men succumbed to their injuries, falling unconscious, in the presence of some of horrific creatures. Was it the end of the agents?

When they awoke, they were in a dungeon, presumably in the castle. They were chained to rusty beds, in almost total darkness and their bodies were wracked with pain. They were weak and tired . . . and Vincente was hungry.

As Illari mustered his strength to see if he could get free, there was a figure at the door. The caretaker, Murnau, had come to speak. He wanted to know who they were, wanted to know who had hired them and wanted to know what they were doing. Illari tried to carefully play along, dropping false hints they were with Edom, and seemed like Murnau believed it. Of course, Murnau also revealed that he was something of an artist, darkly hinting that he had taken many pictures and created many movies over the years, suggesting something rather dark. Murnau then left, as he felt Illari had not provided enough information, claiming that he was going to collect some of the Master’s brides . . .

While Murnau was gone, Vincente went to work trying to get free. He mustered up the strength needed to twist off one of the metal pieces from the bed and quickly began to pick the lock from the manacles. As soon as he got free, he freed Illari and the two of them escaped the room. But the entire dungeon are was enveloped in darkness. Vincente needed to feel his way around the castle until he came to an area with some light that lead to a stairway. But every moment he moved forward was painful. And he felt the hunger try to take control of his body. As he ascended the stairs, there was light but there were also voices. Female voices with Murnau’s. Vincente knew these must have been the brides. He attempted to sneak past them but the brides, Vilma and Irma, smelled him, and took note of his scent. And then the chase was on. For a moment, Vincente pondered dropping Illari, but he reached down deep inside of himself to find the strength and pressed on. As the brides chased after him, climbing on the ceilings and walls, he pondered stopping and taking a final stand. But he jumped through a nearby window, finding it was light outside, and breathed a sigh of relief as the brides were unable to follow in the daylight, merely hissing at him.

Vincente found the car they arrived in and made his way outside of town. He decided to activate an old associate at a Benedictine monastery, Oskar Groth. Brother Oskar took in Vincente and Illari and hid them in the basement.

Several days later Illari awoke and discovered that Vincente was gone, Brother Oskar explaining that Vincente had slipped away, struggling with his vampirism. Illaru needed a burner phone and needed to contact Kat as the castle was clearly dangerous but contained Le Dragon Noir, an object they badly needed.


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