Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 9: Christmas with the Cardinal

December 21st – 25th 2017

Returning from Scotland, just in time for the busiest time of year in London, Christmas, Ilari Vasyl, Cal Morrison and Wolfgang Fechtner had a lot of information to pour over. As they made their way to the Village Garage, they encountered their friend Pascal Lerue, who was quickly informed of their exploits in the north, more importantly, details on Vampires as the team had encountered their very first one, and destroyed the creature in a harrowing battle. Lerue, in turn, had his own information to provide . . .

First, Lerue presented the group with a Cache of Books which contained a wealth of information on a variety of subjects that could aid in investigating the occult, theology, European legends and so on. Presumably, this would provide details on not only vampires but other fell creatures and witchcraft.

Lerue went on to mention a situation with Icelandic diplomat, Thor Halvarsson. Halvarson, as a champion of liberal policies and human rights, was also a vocal opponent of the massive amount of human trafficking that was underway in eastern Europe and Turkey. Whereas Halvarsson would make an excellent ally due to his connections in eastern Europe (including, perhaps, The Unicorn), there was a problem. Certain individuals who were increasingly threatened by Halvarsson’s actions had put out a hit on him, in the form of the international assassin, The Cardinal. The mastermind behind the hit was none other than underworld figure, Vasile Chitule. If the team was going to be able to potentially leverage Halvarsson as an asset, they would have to thwart the actions of The Cardinal.

Further, Lerue also mentioned the growing power of a German illegal arms cartel, known as the Tuefel Cartel. This was suggested by way of finding a group that could be useful in getting arms ‘off books.’ Of course, the Tuefel Cartel was a dangerous organization and dealing with them would be no small feat. Alternatively, there was an eastern European arms dealer, independent from a larger outfit named ‘Natalia Constantin.’

Cal put forth his own information, regarding the ownership of Slains Castle. Seemingly, the law firm of Billington and Sons were likely blocking the sale of the castle over the years so that when Linklaters LLP negotiated the purchase for Axel Logistics, Billington backed off, suggesting that the groups were following the rules of the same master, putting all three as part of the conspiracy. Cal also reminded the group of the indication that Edom was looking at eliminating Lord Caldwell as well as an associated arms dealer Gabriella Vega. They sent word to Vega to watch herself and decided on a different approach for Lord Caldwell.

That evening, Fechtner and Lerue had a meet with agent Sarah Hester. Hester, a figure whom Cal Morrison increasingly distrusted, had a strong connection with Lord Caldwell. Fechtner and Lerue suggested that Hester use her influence to protect Caldwell as best they could and she agreed, suggesting that if there was anything else they needed her to do, she was willing. Since it was Hester who last saw Rojas, she mentioned that he was waiting for them at St. Mary’s Cathedral where they should meet up with him to give him further instructions.

Ilari Vasyl, loading up on silver crucifixes and holy water for his personal use, made a visit to his sister, Nina Vasyl. Nina, ever pleased to see her brother, was hosting a Christmas party. Ilari questioned her as to whether or not she would be able to arrange a meet with Thor Halvarsson, someone who she had a good relationship with. She agreed and as a Christmas gift, Ilari gave her one of the silver crucifixes he had obtained.

Meanwhile, Cal Morrison decided to activate an ally he never thought he would have to. An associate of his, Madame Karolina, an individual who purported to have strong psychic gifts, was nearby in London. Taking the Spirit Board they had stolen from the home of Hela Cuthbert Singleton, he suspected that Madame Karolina would know what to do with it. After getting to her London flat and revisiting old times, he then got down to business. He explained that the Spirit Board he had was the possession of a psychic but there was a spirit that was trying to get in touch with him and asked Madame Karolina if she could try to get in touch with the spirit. She agreed but stated this was the second time this week someone from the American government had come to her. She had also been visited by Kelly Reynolds, an agent known to Cal, and wondered of Madame Karolina would be available for ‘consulting’ on psychic matters. Whereas Cal did not tell her to refuse, he told her to be careful and to watch what she said and did.

Meanwhile, Fechtner and Lerue met up with Vincinte Rojas at St. Mary’s and filled him in on what was going on. Rojas, as it turned out, knew of Thor Halvarsson and stated he could likely get in to see the man the following day. This would be a helpful inroads to meeting Halvarsson as Rojas’ work with liberating women from human traffickers made him something of a celebrity in Halvarasson’s eyes.

Back at the flat of Madame Karolina, she and Cal began to work the Spirit Board. It did not take long for her abilities to find a spirit attached with the board and at hat moment a strange visage appeared, startling Cal. Madame Karolina and the spirit engaged in a conversation in a language Cal could not understand but after the meeting Karolina seemed drained from her conversation but she explained to Cal what she learned.

The spirit was none other than A A Singleton, father of Hela Cuthbert Singleton and he admitted to having worked with ‘Cushing’ in the 1980’s. However, whereas he was never certain about the existence of Dracula, he revealed that he had uncovered the existence of a group known as the Satanic Cult of Dracula as well as references to something called the Scholomance. But as Karolina further revealed, dealing with Singleton was a dangerous task as he was in constant pursuit by spirits in the afterlife and that the entity known as Dracula was coming and a great evil was descending across the whole of Europe. Karolina, perhaps weary of Cal’s claims, was now completely involved in the story and despite her fear, wanted to help as best she could. Cal left, again issuing a warning about the danger she was possibly in and said he would later return to see if she could help further.

As the group later met back up, they all shared the details of what they learned and Rojas set up the meet with Halvarsson for the following day. It was decided that they would learn what they could from Halvarsson, attempt to set up a relationship and warn him from the impending danger that the Cardinal posed to his life. Vasyl, Lerue and Rojas would make the meet while Cal would stand by outside and Fechtner would have the car waiting in case of an emergency.

Noting that the security at Halvarsson’s building was secure, they made their way to the elevator and encountered only the elevator operator. Upon arriving at Halvarsson’s spacious flat, they got in and made introductions, noting that Halvarsson was pleasant, if not confident with a slight air of arrogance. He seemed pleased and impressed that he was getting the opportunity to meet with Rojas, someone whom he had admired for some time. And when told that men like Vasile Chitule was sending assassins like the Cardinal after him, Halvarsson seemed to laugh in the face of such danger. However, his opinion quickly changed when Rojas’ jacket began to produce a gaseous material. The choking and coughing that soon was produced in the room meant they were under attack! As Lerue went to secure the front door, Rojas realized that the elevator operator must have slipped the capsule into his pocket. It was at that moment that Lerue came face to face with the Cardinal, still wearing the elevator operator’s uniform.

Immediately a fight broke out with the Cardinal easily able to take on all comers against him. His fighting prowess, legendary as the rumors suggested, almost took out all three agents within moments. However, a lucky shot by Pascale Lerue plugged a bullet through the Cardinal’s right eye, killing him dead.

Shortly after the altercation, Cal arrived on the scene and they examined one another’s wounds, discovering them to be somewhat superficial as it turned out. Halvarsson was able to deflect police questioning from the agents and send them down the back stairs of his flat.

It was at that point that Cal set up a meet with Agent Tyler Gold after informing Agent Gold of the death of The Cardinal. When they met at the abandoned Underground station, Gold stated that whereas The Cardinal was a vile man, indeed, the CIA had been using him as an asset and that Cal’s involvement in his death needed to be downplayed. Cal in turn told Gold to inform Chief of Station Buckley about a possible sleeper cell in London but gave no specifics to the Satanic Cult of Dracula.

Finally, taking some of the details provided by Madame Karlonina, they were able to determine the location of where the Satanic Cult of Dracula likely had some meetings. Using the Dracula Dossier to find references to the Cult, they determined that the most likely location was a place called Coldfall House which was, hardly surprisingly, owned by Bichi National Bank. Whether they would be able to spring a trap or wire it for surveillance would be seen.


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