Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 67: Here Comes the Bride


November 13th, 2018 – November 14th, 2018

Following the events of fighting Dracula, several members of the team were injured and the entire roof was covered in blood. They had to escape quickly, as security would likely be arriving soon. Illari Vassyl went to the floor beneath to break into a hotel room where they could lay low for an hour while they patch themselves up. In the meantime, Aiden Tobias was still in his psychic trance.

The visions Aiden had were of Dracula turning into a bat and fleeing to Pitesti Prison, a location that was not unknown to the team from a prior investigation. As Aiden came out of his trance, he mumbled what he saw to the others. The team knew that area was likely well protected and therefore dangerous. It was likely that he would have many minions nearby and quite likely even one of his brides.

As the team was getting ready to leave the hotel room and make their way to Pitesti Prison, likely a suicide mission, they received a call from Dalia Blackfrairs, assistant to Sir Reginald Hillary. Somewhat agitated, she explained that Sir Reginald needed to speak with them right away as there were new developments that would complicate maters. Beyond that, she did not know any further details.

The team was torn. They knew they had to work fast. After all, Dracula was wounded and they needed to take advantage of the situation and with the developments in Bucharest, the heat would be on and authorities would be looking for them. On the other hand, Sir Reginald had been a helpful ally in the past and any information he had for them could be valuable resources. In the end, they reluctantly decided to go to him. But they decided the trip would have to be brief.

Upon arriving at Sir Reginald’s suite, his staff was abuzz with activity. Clearly things were in a state of panic – perhaps over Dracula’s recent actions. But then they were led back to Sir Reginald’s temporary office. He was alone with a conference table full of papers, documents and photographs and asked them to be seated.

Sir Reginald showed them a video of Hopkins being kidnapped from her hotel room and Matthew Sutherland, her boyfriend, being attacked by the same assailants. He explained that Edom agents had been on their trail and must have caught up with Hopkins. He assured them, however, that his own agents had picked up Sutherland and he was safe. When asking what they could do at this point, Sir Reginald opened up to them.

He spoke of great patriotism to England and the desire to keep citizens safe and that he was a man of peace who often wanted peaceful solutions. He also explained that he despised Dracula with ever ounce of his being. And finally, he pointed to a camera on his wall and stated that the camera was recording the video of their actions, presently. As Sir Reginald spoke, he became more and more agitated, much like a fanatic. His kind demeanor evaporated and at that moment, a sinking feeling crept over all the agents. It took mere moments to realize that they were standing in front of not an erstwhile ally, but more likely, ‘D,’ the absolute leader of Edom. And with the camera rolling, they knew they would be branded as murderers if they did anything to him, especially without the audio.

After quickly recovering from the stunning revelation, they tried to reason with Sir Reginald, or at least point out the flaws in his plan, the plan of dealing with a monster like Dracula. Sir Reginald explained that his plan would ensure safety and security by taking out Viktor Petrov, the President of Russia and placing him under Dracula’s control and thus, making him an ally of Edom. Realizing this plan was insane and delusional, Sir Reginald disagreed with them, saying it was the only way to ensure the security of the British people. It was at this moment they also realized that every action Sir Hillary had claimed to take on their behalf was likely a lie – from the attack on the HMS Prosperpine, to the work he had done to block Sir Wilfred Corbin’s moves against them. Sir Hillary was holding all the cards.

Sir Hillary made it clear they would cease any and all actions against Dracula and Edom. He would be merciful and suggested to Aiden at that perhaps there would even be a place for him in the organization, with his talents with psychic powers. But the team wanted no part of Sir Hillar’s deranged scheme and whereas they all made up their minds to escape, they had to act quickly; after all, Sir Hillary had suggested that an asset of his own was coming. When they asked if it were Heartbreaker, he dismissed it, with everyone then concluding that it was the final, mysterious Bride of Dracula.

Kat DeWein made a phone call to Hound, seeing if she was ready to fulfill her part of the bargain by shutting down Edom’s communication network as she promised. She said she was but would take 15 minutes to fully collapse and would likely be back up within 2-3 hours. It was at that point that Kat disabled the camera and Illari gave Sir Hillary one last chance to repent. When it was clear he would not, they did what Sir Hillary never thought possible – Illari delivered two fatal stab wounds to him, ending D’s 100 year reign as director of Edom. With that, they had to quickly slip out before his asset arrived and before his bodyguards realized what happened.

The team made their way out of the hotel in hopes of getting somewhere safe. They pressed Sarah Hester to see if she knew a place but then Aiden remembered he had a contact in the area, an ex-Romanian intelligence officer, Andrei Ianescu. Ianescu owed Aiden a favor and now was as good a time as any to collect. It was there they would develop their next plan and their scheme to put a final assault on Dracula.

Sarah Hester departed to see if she could get Eloise Buckley and the CIA to start rounding up Dracula’s agents in London. Kat contacted Hound to meet them at the safe house. They pressed Hound as to any details as to what D and Dracula’s plans were. She suspected that Lord Delapole was somehow key. She suspected – but could not confirm – that Lord Delapole was a weapon to take out President Petrov. It was then that Illari called their one Russian contact, Svetlana Tovorsky, Petrov’s deputy press secretary and tried to warn her to keep Delapole away from Petrov. She agreed to try but was suspicious of broaching such a subject, explaining to the Russian President that vampires were in a plot to kill him.

The topic then turned to what were they going to do about Dracula and Petesti Prison. They had such a small window of opportunity to do anything and the authorities were likely looking for them, especially now that they were the main suspects in the death of Sir Hillary. Further complicating matters was the fact that Dracula was likely surrounded by dangerous and loyal agents. They had to find a way to push away one of his brides – the final bride. It was then that Kay had a brilliant idea.

If they could somehow use the breakdown in communications with Edom to take advantage of the confusion, perhaps they could spoof a communication from Edom’s communication director to someone to get the bride out of Dracula’s shadow. Aiden then consulted Le Dragon Noir and had a revelation: every time they met with Sir Hillary’s assistant, Dalia Blackfrairs, it was either in darkness or it was under the apex of a doorway. La Dragon Noir suggested that this was a capable way for vampires to remain hidden. Was Blackfrairs a vampire? Was she, in fact the final bride?

Working on the assumption that Blackfrairs was, at the very least, a vampire, they decided to go through the idea of spooking her from Edom, telling her that the last of the Trinity Seals. They suspected they could get her to show up and attack them to take the last of the seals, which was, as it turns out, the forgery they had their hands on. Dracula and his agents could not resist such a valuable prize. They could ambush her and prevent her from being with Dracula, making it easier when they chose to make their attack. Aiden, who had intimate knowledge of observatories and other scientific areas, knew that the Admiral Vasile Urseanu Astronomical Observatory would be the perfect place to spring the trap. They could make use of the morning sun to use to defeat her.

They set up their positions in the observatory and then sent the spoofed communication. They knew that if Blackfrairs was involved with Dracula, she would be arriving soon to take the Trinity Seals. But almost as soon as the group was in place, the entire building was enveloped in darkness.

She was coming.

Movements zipped through the darkened room, causing the team to open fire. However, they were tricked. The vampire that was present was using illusions and mind tricks to confuse the team, causing them to attack each other. Aiden, however, began to cast the ritual from Le Dragon Noir. This prompted Vincente Rojas to be on high alert as he knew he was in danger when the spell went off. During the assault, Illari used the Spear of Longinus to strike at her but he missed more than his attack drove home. But with every strike the vampire landed, Illari became weaker, until she finally began to drain him with her powerful fangs. And since Aiden’s spell was about to go off, Vincente had to flee lest he be destroyed by the spell.

When Aiden’s spell went off, it did, in fact, destroy the closest vampire to him, but unfortunately, the bride had brought along a decoy. This made things more dire as now they were desperate and Illari went down, being drained of his vital life force. Kate sprung into action and grabbed the Spear, delivering a well-placed blow. At that exact moment, the Bride, Blackfrairs in full view now, was skewed with the holy item, destroying her instantly.

Meanwhile outside the observatory, Dracula’s voice tried to command Vincente but be managed to fight it off. But for how much longer?


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