Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 66: Dirty Laundry


November 11th, 2018 – November 13th, 2018

One of the first ordered of business was for Kat DeWein to inform Dalia Blackfriars that Sir Wilfred Corbin was in league with Edom and they had eliminated him. The concern was that if Sir Reginald Hillary had relied on anything from Sir Wilfred (like Corbin’s serum) that it should be considered tainted and to not trust anything that had come from that source. Ms. Blackfriar agreed that she would get rid of anything that had come from that area.

The team made sure that their journalist contact, Laurel Dene was safe but they also put her to work, watching as many people as she could, reporting back to them with anything suspicious she saw. They wanted her to cover the G-20 Summit as normal but needed her eyes and ears on the ground.

Then the discussion turned to trying to locate the Red Room that Dracula and his agents had no doubt set up somewhere in the area. So the team went on a tour looking for likely places. One area that was a good candidate was under the hotel where they were staying. It was within the bowels of the hotel that they found various laundry facilities that were now off limits. They used their credentials provided by Sir Hillary to get into the area and discovered not a Red Room but instead a large location being set up like a bunker. They surmised that the room was being stocked with emergency provisions and contained a large steal door. It seemed as if this would be some kind of safe zone established in case of a terrorist attack where the various heads of state could be gathered from the G-20 summit until the danger had passed. It was what was above that room that interested them as they found no information on the hotel schematics. So it was time to go to the vents.

The team when to the location nearest the vents – a laundry room – and it was Aiden Tobias that hoisted himself into the ventilation system and began crawling his way to the unmarked section. When he came out, he was in a massive dark room with electronic equipment everywhere. And in the center of the room was a well-constructed mahogany room constructed. Was this the Red Room?

As Aiden explored, Illari Vassyl and Kat DeWein waited nearby. They saw a somewhat familiar face as Svetlana Tovorsky, the Deputy Press Secretary (Frankie Savage had been sweet on her) for Russian President, Viktor Petrov was nearby conducting business. It was a strange coincidence that they would see here again after so many months but suspected that she was in Petrov’s entourage.

As Aiden continued to explore the room, her determined that the electronic equipment was the laid groundwork for a massive set of explosives, possibly there to kill the dignitaries below if they were transported here. Horrifying as that was, he decided to continue to press his luck and enter what he thought was the newly constructed Red Room.

As expected, it was a room with red walls, the blood and paint still fresh. Inside was an ornate chair as well as a small table. This is where Dracula would likely come to meditate if he needed to do so. But then Aiden heard footsteps and quickly got on the ceiling, holding himself steady as someone came into the room Using the darkness to his advantage, he desperately hoped that whoever entered would not notice him. The individual quietly entered and laid something down on the table, later determined to be an ornate dagger. What purpose this item had was unknown but Aiden suspected Dracula was in tune with it and decided to leave it behind so that Dracula would not be able to follow or detect him.

Aiden found a secret door in the larger room that lead to a hallway, indicating that is how the construction crew must have gotten into the room to set up the Red Room. He went back the we came and alerted the others and they eventually found the passage into the secret area, keeping note of it for later as they suspected they would have to return. They all then returned to their wing to consider their next plan.

The team looked up and located where Lord Cecil Delapole was staying. They knew he had some greater, sinister role in the whole affair but were unsure as to what. Either way, they knew that keeping track of him was paramount as Countess Dolinz had prepared him for something not at all good.

While planning, Illari noticed, from his window, a car arriving. Since he had been on the lookout for strange arrivals and departures, he knew to keep an eye out for anything. To his surprise, the figure that emerged from the limo was Lord Blakeford Caldwell of the Caldwell Foundation. Illari immediately wanted to make contact to see why he was here – and on such short notice.

Upon making contact, Lord Caldwell explained that he had come to the G-20 Summit as he suspected something sinister was about to happen. Since he had not heard from the agents in several months, he was worried something had happened to them. When Illari asked if Lord Caldwell had brought any of the items that the Caldwell Foundation possessed, he said that he had not but could get some if needed.

The following day the team went to the G-20 Summit and watched from the observation booth. All the countries from the G-20 were represented but when the team looked closer, they noticed that two specific individuals were present, also watching – Hound and Karl Bonnaire. Whatever the two of them were doing here was likely to be of some interest to the agents. But it was at this point that Illari decided he would try and turn Hound as they knew her weak points and had a plan to sell her on the idea. As Kat observed the pair, she noticed that they paid particular interested to President Petrov of Russia.

When the two split up, Karl went in one direction and Hound went in another. Before she could leave the observation area, Illari came behind her and, in a combination of diplomacy and intimidation, he forced Hound into a meeting. She agreed to meet up with him a few moments later in a cafe not far from the observation area.

Vincente Rojas followed Karl back to his hotel room and decided to force a meeting. Moving from the hotel room above Karl’s and into Karl’s, Vincente waited in hopes of being catch him flat footed. When Karl emerged from the bathroom virtually naked but covered in blood, Vincente gave his proposal: he needed blood and wanted to throw his lot in with ‘the Master.’ This threw Karl for a loop and whatever he had planned – be it throwing Vincente out or resorting to an attack – he changed his mind and agreed to meet with him later that evening to test how worthy Vincente was to meet the Master. With that, Karl gave Vincente a a drink of blood and Vincente left.

At the same time, Illari met up with Hound with Kat and Sarah Hester nearby in case something went wrong as Hound’s bodyguards were also close by. Illari made his pitch to Hound who summarized his positions, all summing up with the idea that Edom was destructive, was not doing the job they were set to do and worst of all, it was likely that Dracula and his minions would waste no time in turning her into the legions of the undead as quickly as they could if given the opportunity. In short, Edom, under D’s direction. Hound was still somewhat skeptical but agreed to meet in 2 hours elsewhere where she could speak more freely.

When they met up in the laundry facility of a nearby hotel, Hound was prepared to discuss what she knew. Whereas she did not know D and had never met him, Illari showed her the Renfield Journal, showing Renfield’s long term plans. Further, he showed the evidence that Renfield was not only still alive but was running Edom as D. This undermined Hound’s faith in the Edom even further. Illari was convinced he had her.

She broke down and confessed that Edom’s plan was to assist Dracula further in his schemes to destroy terrorism and was going to aid him in not seizing control of England but Russia – Petrov was the target. The plan was to engineer the economic crisis, lure the world leaders to Bucharest and turn Petrov into a servant of Dracula, turning him from a murderous brutal dictator into an undead murderous brutal dictator.

Hound further stated that she was willing to join their side and stop the schemes of Dracula and Edom. She stated that she would shut down Edom’s communications network and could keep it down for 30-45 minutes. Whereas she was in charge of the field operation, Johan Schmidt was also on the scene and would likely take over if she was seen to be disloyal or incompetent. She provided Illari the information to get in touch with her in order to activate her assistance.

That night, the entire team went to meet up with Karl, on the roof of one of the neighboring hotels. The plan was, of course, to either capture of kill Karl but the team was thrown for a loop when Count Dracula himself arrived. To say it was a shock was an understatement. Within moments the Count was on top of the agents. His attacks were brutal but the team responded with not only the Trinity Seals but also the Spear of Longinus as well as the Quincy Morris pistols. Kat used the ancient crucifix. Whereas all these items seemed to cause havoc with Dracula, none of them seemed to stop him outright. When Dracula fled, hoping to regroup his attack, Aiden did the unthinkable. He tried to use his psychic powers to lock onto him, tracking him to where he was headed. But Karl remained behind, offering a final attack on behalf of his master. After Dracula had fled, Karl exploded, raining blood down on the rooftop. Fortunately, the team had gotten away from the attack and were well hidden from the assault. But Karl was gone but the team knew where Dracula was heading.

The chase was on.


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