Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 65: We've Had Worse Plans


November 7th, 2018 – November 11th, 2018

In the hands of Edom, the team was quickly captured outside of Castle Craciuna – or what remained of it – and were blindfolded, restrained and taken away by different helicopters, presumably to the same location. While en route, Aiden Tobias used his mystic powers to attempt to determine where they were going. Through his mind’s eye, he saw they were headed somewhere urban. he determined it was Sarajevo, Bosnia. But for what purpose, he could only imagine.

Worse, the Dracula Dossier and Le Dragon Noir had fallen into the hands of Edom, the very group they needed to keep it away from. It would only be a matter of time before they likely turned it over to Dracula. Of course, this was nothing to say of the other special equipment such as the Trinity Seals and the Spear of Longinus that were now in the hands of Edom.

When they arrived, they could tell they were on a rooftop but were quickly taken inside by a team of medical operatives and were further restrained on operating tables. When the blindfolds were finally removed, they could see they were in an operating theater and above them were several figures in shadows, but one of them they could instantly make out – Johan Schmidt, a figure who had been dogging them for months.

When Schmidt finally arrived to speak to them, he explained to Kat DeWein and Aiden than a decision was made to not destroy them but turn them into Edom servants. He then gestured to the figures on operating tables nearby. It seemed as if Edom’s plans were to give them blood transfusions with vampires, turning them unto undead servants. Schmidt admitted that this was not his suggestion as he felt that they deserved something more noble than that but he had been outvoted. He stated that he had argued for a simple bullet to the head to give them some measure of peace. He further revealed that his relationship with Edom had been looked favorably upon and since they was an opening after Elvis had been eliminated, he was getting that post.

Illari Vassyl and Vincente Rojas were rolled in and the procedure was soon to begin. It was at this point that Schmidt was preparing his departure when more individuals entered. Sir Wilfred Corbin and the much maligned Sarah Hester.

Now that the team knew who had sold them out, Sir Corbin gloated as he lavishly ran his hands up and down Le Dragon Noir. He explained that his serum had been worthless but the special box it was contained it had a tracking device that allowed he and his Edom associates to track the team for weeks. As far as Hester was concerned, she seemed nervous, saying very little. It was not until Sir Corbin, explaining that everything was ready to fall into place, was ready to throw the switch to start the blood transfusion, that Hester acted, shooting Corbin’s bodyguards and starting to free the agents.

With the tables now turned on Sir Corbin, they took the text from him, quickly discovered he was neither D nor was he the nefarious Dr. Drawes. Knowing they did not have time to interrogate him before Edom’s kill teams arrived, they shot him, ridding themselves of a dangerous Edom agent. It was now time to escape. Hester explained that they had the time to escape with ease. However, if they wished to gather all their equipment, that would make things more challenging. The team, of course, opted for the challenge of collecting their equipment – much needed equipment – then making their escape.

The team shot their way through the Edom agents making their way to the equipment lock down. They gathered their important artifacts and then Hester suggested making their way to the roof where they had another firefight in an attempt to get to one of the helicopters. From here they made a daring helicopter escape with several Edom agents giving chase. Fortunately Aiden Tobias was able to ditch their attackers while Illari made contact with a shady fence named Yuri Putin. They traded the helicopter to him for a beat up Yugo, making their way a few hours east while they could catch their breath, regroup and plan their next move.

Upon arriving at a nondescript, flea-bag hotel, they began to patch themselves up, take stock at what they needed and then pressed Hester for what she knew. She stated she had been on the outs with the CIA and Eloise Buckley for months after going rogue and working an undercover operation with Edom. She had been recruited by Edom about a year ago but decided to become a double agent, helping the agents when she could. She had been assigned to work with Johan Schmidt but was kept in the dark regarding Edom operations. However, she suspected she could access Edom one more time before they were alerted to her treachery. Meanwhile, Aiden contacted Hopkins and Matthew Sutherland in hopes they could get them to safety. Illari began to track down the equipment needed.

Hester went on to explain how things were entering endgame. Whatever Dracula and Edom had been preparing for years was close to coming to fruition. She suspected that the financial crisis, orchestrated by Dracula, was at the heart of it. When she warned that a G-20 Summit had been called due to the worsening economic crisis and it was scheduled for Bucharest, the team knew that is where the entire affair was about to go down. They had to get to Bucharest as quickly as possible. Of course, all this was dependent on them trusting Sarah Hester, someone the group had not trusted since the beginning.

The g-20 Summit was scheduled for several luxury hotels in the Bucharest area, with the main two being the Boscolo Bucharest Hotel and the Sofitel Hotel nearby. The main activities would take place in the Boscolo so it was just a matter of getting everyone into place and getting the right cover identities. With Hopkins and Sutherland safely with the group they put out a call for Dr. Loughlin to bring his earthquake machine from Spain and meet them as fast as he could. If he could be nearby in a van (an Axel Logistics van they picked up) with Sutherland watching him, they felt they could easily send out the signal to help prevent Dracula from using some of his more potent powers. Of course, they still needed a way in and in addition to the mundane security that would be present with dignitaries from 20 powerful nations (not to mention the heads of state) they would be Edom agents looking for them. They had to come up with a plan to get in.

Meanwhile the team set Hester up to use the last actions she could with Edom. She discovered that several notable Edom agents would be present at the summit, including Schmidt, Hound and even D, himself. As a result, the team needed a distraction, as they had hoped to knock out the communications network Edom had set up in London. It was at this point that Illari proposed the idea of contacting Adelaide LeClerque and buying her dirty bomb, planting it near Edom and having the authorities lock down the area. Of course, they needed Sir Reginald Hillary to help.

It was at this point that the team wondered if Sir Hillary could help. Perhaps he would get an invitation to the summit and perhaps they could come in as his retinue. They got in touch Dalia Blackfriars, Sir Reginald’s assistant and set up a conversation.

The conversation with Sir Hillary resulted in them dropping the evidence of the dirty bomb, set up by LeClerque. They knew he would not want to be party to an actual threat so they did not let him know they were the ones behind it, merely leaving it at the bomb was a threat they had uncovered. They then broached the topic of the G-20 Summit. He agreed that they could be brought on as his security detail, giving them access to the facility as well as having access to reasonable levels of weapons. He also revealed he had some information on the HMS Proserpine, the facility they asked him to raid. He had good news but would reveal it when he met up with them at the Bucharest airport.

The team then activated Laurel Dene, the journalist from The Guardian who had been working with them. They needed her in Bucharest and needed her to help (as they needed every bit of help they could get from everyone). And better yet, she stated that she had important information to share that she could only share in person.

A couple of days later the team met up with Sir Reginald and his staff, coming off his private jet in Bucharest. They accompany him to the Sofitel Hotel where he dismisses his staff and just the agents and Sir Reginald remain. He explains that the Prosperpine had, indeed, been raided and whereas the Edom agents destroyed what they could, a treasure trove of information had been found. Edom agents Osprey and Dr. Drawes had been apprehended and Heartbreaker, AKA Lucy Westerna had escaped. They were still sifting through the information but Sir Reginald would hand over what he could as soon as it was possible.

They then met up with Laurel Dene, in a cafe at the edge of Bucharest. She had mentioned she had been busy since they last saw her. She had infiltrated Seward’s former asylum, now standing as a clinic specializing in blood disorders. Using her abilities to infiltrate as well as her insight for uncovering mysteries, she uncovered the journal of Renfield, the former aid to Dracula. In it, it was revealed that he was working for Edom the whole time, allowing himself to go deep undercover to spy on Dracula. His notes for bugs and other creatures he consumed was a standard cipher that he used to pass notes to the rest of the team at the time. However, the true bombshell that she dropped upon handing over the journal was that Renfield had risen through the ranks of Edom and was now the man known as D. He was still alive, pulling the Edom strings after all these years. More importantly, there was a spell that Renfield had determined would be a powerful weapon against Dracula – a word of power that would shut the monster down from using some of his abilities, based in geometric design.

Now that the team was prepared, they knew they would have to take the fight to Dracula. The next step was to determine which room he would try to set up as a Red Room at the hotels and try to set that as the very trap they would use to try and destroy the monster once and for all.


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