Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 54: Shadow of the Vampire

August 31st, 2018 – September 14th, 2018


A week had passed since the incident at Castle Shreck. Vincente Rojas was gone, having run off somewhere to either turn into a creature of the night or end his life, Illari Vassyl was slowly healing, and Wolfgang Fechtner was dead. The sole shining point was that Kat DeWein was still alive and active.

When Kat determined that her fellow agents were not coming back, she made her way to the castle and discovered the automobile the agents had used. When she returned to her hotel to suit up and attempt to breach the castle on her own, she was stopped by Brother Oskar Groth. The mysterious monk explained he was a friend of Vicente’s and that Vicente and Illari were alive and at his monastery. She had to come with him. Cautiously, she came with him. But when arrived Vincente was was gone, already fled the scene to deal with his own problems.

Once Kat realized the severity of the situation as well as the fact that Wolfgang was dead, she immediately returned to the hotel to gather up as many supplies as she could in order to flee the scene and stay at the monastery while Illari recovered and they could determine their next plan – if any. However, while at the hotel, she narrowly escaped agents who were clearly looking for her. But she came in and out, unnoticed.

A week passed at the monastery as Illari slowly recovered and came back into health. At the end of a week, however, Brother Oskar came to Kat and told her that a mysterious stranger had come and wished to speak with Illari. Kat agreed to meet with the stranger.

In the chapel, Kat was introduced to Aiden Tobias, a man who had a very unusual story, including his involvement with the Stargate Program, a secret CIA project that explored psychic abilities. With that, she took him down to Illari where Aiden explained the rest of his story.

Aiden unfolded a tale where he knew Cal Morrison years ago but was taken into Stargate. After spending time in the program, he escaped, and came to Europe, knowing full well there were organizations that were coming after him. But he was acutely in tune to psychic energy and had explored the occult. Aiden knew he could help the team as he was aware of the dark forces that had gathered over Europe. He knew of Vampires. He knew of the Dracula Dossier and knew of the evil that was spread over the land. He was in a unique position to provide aid.

After a few days of reviewing the Dracula Dossier as Illari healed and as Kat reviewed more of the documents they had, they knew they had to secure the text, Le Dragon Noir. That was, after all, what they had come for. This is where Aiden could excel. He explained that he could try and remotely view the castle and see where the text was kept. He went into a deep trance and began seeing visions from the past and present. He saw Murnau, an obvious Renfield for the master that lived in the castle as well as the master’s brides, Irma Kessler and Vilma Koch. But when his visions came to the text, he was filled with evil and dread as he also sensed the master, a creature so wretched and vile, so depraved and removed from anything decent, that master’s mere existence was a grotesque blight on humanity. This being was the very essence of blackness in the world, sitting atop an organization not motivated by profit but motivated by spreading human misery and pain. This was what held control of Le Dragon Noir.

Kat DeWein made contact with a local supplier, Eric Bennings, and secured much needed items for their mission. But something about him was suspect . . .

The team suited up as soon as Illari was up for it. They decided to do more surveillance of the area this time, as they suspected a frontal assault would be a death sentence. Instead they searched the surrounding houses and discovered they were empty and they were likely used as graves for the underlings of Major Doring. When the team decided to search for a tunnel, they discovered one, a tunnel that would likely take them into the castle, and likely closer to the dark place where the text was kept, perhaps avoiding the master’s brides.

They entered the tunnels and passed through a chamber with mutated and grotesque rates, the size of small dogs. They were oozing pus and were in a state of rest. They carefully moved past the creatures but not before Aiden seemed to suddenly feel ill as he was convinced he had contracted something, decidedly unpleasant. They moved on, getting deeper underneath the castle, knowing they would likely have to deal with those grotesque servitor rats in the future.

They rose through the chamber into the main castle and were suddenly enveloped by darkness and were in the presence of pure evil. Their lights were quickly doused as the power of the master became known and within moments, the master revealed himself. Instantly, he was recognized for the sinister force that he was: Graf Orlok, himself, the nosferatu!

The fight was brutal and grotesque as Orlok used fell magic and his speed to quickly overcome the defenses of the agents. They, in turn, soon discovered that the weapons they had were mostly powerless. The only weapons they had which seemed to have any real impact, were their powerful flashlights that seemed to burn his impure skin. And they knew they had a limited amount of time before his brides arrived. And when Illari went down from the rats that had arrived, the situation became desperate.

Eventually the team used enough light to drive Orlok off, but they were aware he would return in a short amount of time. Aiden quickly moved towards the chamber where Orlok studied and found Le Dragon Noir. But he found something else to take him him. The document was a page that Orlok was studying – the Renfield Page.

They team escaped and made their way back to the monastery for Illari to again recover. They examined the Renfield Page, studying it and determining it was a code. But the real prize was Le Dragon Noir, ready to study it and reveal whatever secrets were present to help them defeat Dracula.


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