Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 51: The Corbin Connection

August 5th, 2018 – August 11th, 2018


Still recovering at the Vienna resort of Elizabeth Bathory, the agents had physical and mental injuries that needed to be addressed. The few days spent were well worth it. Kat DeWein spent most of her time relaxing by the pool. However, for Wolfgang Fechtner and Illary Vassyl, there was more to do. Fechtner set to work identifying which of the Trinity Seals may have been forgeries but his research was, as of yet, inconclusive. Illari, by contrast, set out to find some black market contacts to replace some of their tactical supplies. Vincente Rojas needed more time than the others to recuperate as the fight had taken the worst toll on him.

A curious turn of events suddenly transpired with Wolfgang. A call came in from Sir Reginald Hillary, the law professor that had provided useful information back in Exeter. Sir Reginald provided information on a local asset that he had previously promised to reveal. Sir Reginald mentioned that his secretive associate, Sir Wilfred Corbin, was willing to assist them and as it turned out, was not far away, leaving in a reclusive home in Esztergrad Castle outside of Budapest.

The group then got together and made their way to Budapest and arrived at Esztergrad Castle. They were shown into the posh home by Sir Wilfred’s servant, Conall MacBay and brought to the grand and impressive library where Sir Wilfred was hard at work. After making some warm introductions, Sir Wilfred got down to business.

Sir Wilfred explained that as a hematologist, he had vast experience in studying blood and various blood diseases. At some point in his history, he came across the existence of not only vampires but also by the existence of Dracula, himself. This generated interest in the team and Sir Wilfred continued with his explanation. He provided charts and notes on the various vampire lineages as well as some of the powers that he had identified in them, including the activities of werewolves, which he stated were the direct servants on Dracula and his undead vampires.

Curiously, Sir Wilfred claimed minimal knowledge of black bag operations or clandestine activities but he also went into some detail of teams he had deployed into the field to conduct studies on the undead. Illari seemed to think that Sir Wilfred knew more than he was revealing, but either way, Sir Wilfred’s knowledge on the subject was some of the most complete they had come across. However, there were a few areas that Sir Wilfred was unsure about. He stated that his research would be enhanced by both the Dracula Dossier and Le Dragon Noir. When the team claimed they no longer had the Dracula Dossier, Sir Wilfred implored them this was a text they would have to continue to regain. As to Le Dragon Noir, Sir Wilfred stated that he knew of a group that had possession of such an item – the infamous Tuefel Cartel, located in Passau, Germany. Of course the Tuefel Cartel was no stranger to the team as this was an organization the team had deal with on several occasions, directly or indirectly.

Sir Wilfred explained that the mysterious leader of the cartel, an individual named Tuefel, was in possession of Le Dragon Noir and that a team of Sir Wilfred had almost secured it several years ago. This book was key to unlocking some of the secrets and vulnerabilities of Dracula and his associates. The team agreed this would be something they would attempt to recover, much to Sir Wilfred’s delight.

When the conversation turned to Dracula, himself, Sir Corbin revealed that there would be several areas in which to look, in order to destroy him. First, Dracula’s true castle would have to be found, as well as the weapons to destroy him, finally finding a way in which to prevent his escape to return to either a Red Room or some of his sacred earth. This was earth-shattering news to the team but was reassuring to know they had been on the right track.

Wolfgang Fechtner felt that Sir Wilfred was trustworthy enough to hand over a copy of his Barker Analysis. This seemed to legitimize the idea that the agents were competent and confident in their actions. It was during the time that Sir Wilfred stepped away from the library that the rest of the team was able to poke around the library. They found a cache of books that got their interest, such as ancient philosophical texts and texts dealing with vampire hunting through the centuries. It was clear that Sir Wilfred had been in this game for quite some time and had invested decades of work and a small fortune to get where he was.

Upon his return from reading the text, Sir Wilfred was amazed at the amount of work the team had put into their own efforts. At this point he revealed his own aid to the team, which was a small case that contained 5 doses of a serum that would, if used ahead of time, would prevent the spread of vampirism. The case was a silver electronic, refrigerated case that held the serums. He warned that the serum would have to be taken before an attack and would only go in someone’s system for 12 hours.

At this point, the group decided to get back to Vienna to the Countess’ resort. Upon returning and settling back in, the team knew that they would have to make a trip to Passau and find a way to wrest Le Dragon Noir away from the cartel. But that was a plan they needed to perfect as Sir Wilfred explained that the cartel was a serious threat.

Upon getting back to his room, Wolfgang was greeted by Elizabeth Bathory, herself, who seemed curious as to where he and the team had been. He carefully constructed a lie that the Countess likely did not believe. But when she attempted to get the truth from him through magic, he somehow resisted. At this point, the Countess warned him not to keep secrets from him and left. Wolfgang wasted no time in getting to the others and suggesting that they may have outstayed their welcome and it was time to move on to Passau.


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