Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 49: Czech Out

July 29th, 2018 – July 31st, 2018


Immediately making use of the talents that the newest agent, Kat DeWein, brought to the table, the team made their way to Prague in order to meet with her contact, Johann Strause. Strause was a member of the LeClerque Syndicate and was clearly close to Ms. Adelaide LeClerque.

Kat and Strause met at an open air cafe which allowed Illari Vassl to be nearby as well as saw Wolfgang Fechtner in the van, running surveillance. Having met up with Pascal Lerue, he was also present, working the area on foot. It did not take long for Vassyl to notice an agent walking around the block several times which put Lerue on him.

Meanwhile, Kat pressed Strause for information, specifically getting around to the idea of purchasing weapons and other materials pertaining to her undercover role as a criminal operative. Strause was all too willing to help his former lover in this regard and he provided her the name of a location and a code word – St. Monica’s church in Prague. When matters turned to more unusual items, he became intrigued. She showed him a list of items she was also somewhat interesting in finding, one of which was the Trinity Seals. This caused Strause to abruptly call an end to the meeting and return, presumably, to his employer, LeClerque. Whereas this did not get them close to her, it was at least laying the foundation.

As the conversation between Kat and Strause continued, Lerue decided to lift the passport from the man running surveillance. They quickly found his name was ‘Volik’ but this would have to be investigated further. After Strause left and the group got back together, they then looked at the evidence they had compiled.

At Kat’s insistence, the group made their way to an upscale hotel in Prauge, for better or worse with the nightclub, ‘Meet Market’ in the lobby. It was here that they determined they would start investigating Volik.

Wolfgang quickly discovered the passport was fake and was the work of the renown operative Klipper Vonnet, a weasel, but an expert in the field of government document forgeries. Whomever could afford Vonnet was a powerful adversary, indeed.

Illari and Vicente Rojas made their way to St. Monica’s in order to look around and see if it was a safe spot for Kat to follow up. Whereas St. Monica’s was in a rough section of Prague, it was amazing that the church was neither defaced, nor seemed to have any trouble from some of the locals, suggesting there was something more involved. Upon making contact with the priest, Fr. Jan Konec, it became clear that the priest was the next link in the LeClerque syndicate and who would be selling weapons on the organization’s behalf.

Back at the hotel, Wolfgang continued to pry into Volik, who was a Czech citizen who carried a French passport and had done lots of traveling to England and back. Further, their investigation revealed he was staying at the Kronsenstein hotel, a converted palace. The plan then began to form of perhaps kidnapping Volik. Pascal used his sources to discover that Volik was, indeed, staying there, but was clearly off the books in all aspects.

Later that evening, Kat went to St. Monica’s to negotiate with Fr. Konec. Using the code word provided, she was able to go into the confessional with him and discuss the sale of numerous arms. The deal went smoothly (for once) and she was on her way. But again, this did not really get the team any closer to the LeClerque organization. Instead, they determined, they would have to engineer some kind of problem with the order and demand to ‘speak with a supervisor.’

Their attention then turned to dealing with Volik. They determined if he was keeping an eye on LeClerque, it was possible he was an adversarial buyer for the Trinity Seals with was something they could not allow to get in their way. So a kidnapping was now on the table. They gathered uniforms for the hotel, a room service cart and other disguises and made their way to the hotel.

After attempting some subterfuge with the hotel manager, suggesting Volik had ordered a call girl, the manager explained, in no uncertain terms that Mr. Volik was no longer at the hotel, Kat’s plan was faltering. His associate Zenzy had stated he had checked out. Was this some kind of punishment for losing his passport? Perhaps whomever Zenzy was, would have more answers. After using more charm to get the manager to summon Zenzy (and then Wolfgang hacking the system to see which room it was), Zenzy made a brief appearance in the lobby to shoe Kat away. Zenzy was intimidating and intense. And also very clear she was to leave.

Of course, this generated a new plan. Wolfgang discovered that Zenzy was staying in the Presidential Suite (meaning he was seriously connected). Wolfgang also determined that Zenzy was listed as an attorney with Billington and Sons, the lawyers in England who were connected with the conspiracy. Was Zenzy Edom or something else?

The plan was then to engineer an issue with the heating and cooling in the Presidential Suite, prompting Zenzy to call down and complain. The team would intercept the call and make their way into the room. From that point, they would either interrogate Zenzy or kidnap him. As predicted, Zenzy did call to complain, they did intercept the call and Wolfgang assisted them in getting through the security parameters to get into the Presidential Suite.

They were greeted by armed guards outside the room and when they got inside, they quickly discovered why security was so tight . . .

Certainly Zenzy was present, but from the back emerged the Dark Stranger, the man they first met at Carfax Abbey, and Zenzy referred to him as Baron de Vil and it was apparent to everyone that this, standing before them, was none other than Dracula, himself! But within a short amount of time, de Vil wiped the memories of those present, though somehow Illari resisted, recalling every harrowing moment of repairing the broken heating and air system. But it was Wolfgang who managed to control the settings from a distance.

Amazingly, Illari was able to maintain control of his faculties and get the team out. Once they returned to the van nearby, Illari explained what had happened and the group came to the dire conclusion that Dracula’s presence meant he was here to oversee the possession of the Trinity Seals, personally, meaning they had to act. Quickly.

They made their way over to the nightclub that Adelaide LeClerque operated and Kat made a frantic call to Strause to explain an emergency had come up and she had to speak with him immediately and fortunately he agreed. Upon getting into the nightclub. Kat quickly approached and explained that the Trinity Seals were now a major concern. Upon hearing that, he took her upstairs to meet with LeClerque.

LeClerque was alone in a massive living room, standing under a portrait of herself. Suspiciously absent was her lover and partner, Narcissa Dvorask. Kat began to explain that there were dangerous people in Prague that were looking to take the Trinity Seals from her and would likely destroy her and her organization in the process. LeClerque seemed unfazed by Kat’s directness but seemed distracted. To Kat’s surprise, LeClerque seemed to not be surprised over the revelation, explaining not only was she aware of the faction wanting the Trinity Seals, but was in negotiation with them to hand them over.

LeClerque explained further, however, she was uncertain what to do as she was in a predicament. She knew who Dracula was and how dangerous he could be. She then explained that another group, the Tuefel Cartel also was in town, wanting the same items. And the Tuefel Cartel seemed to have the upper hand. Unbeknownst to Dracula they had kidnapped Dvorask and were using her as leverage to get LeClerque to hand over the Seals. And LeClerque had been doing everything she could to stall both groups until she figured out what to do.

At this point, Kat asked to bring up her associates. LeClerque agreed and once the others arrived, LeClerque again explained the situation and suggested that if there was a way to get her out from underneath this problem, she would not only hand over the Trinity Seals she had (even though one could be a forgery) but would also provide another surprise they would make use of. But they had to create a solution that not only resulted in Dvorask being saved but also prevented Dracula and his associates from exacting revenge, which caused the other to considering the possibility of making Dracula think Edom was involved. When asked whether or not LeClerque had any intel to provide, she stated that she had her people follow the Tuefel Cartel’s agent, but he literally would disappear, suggesting he was somehow supernatural. The blurry nature of the photos her people had taken seemed to confirm this theory. But the team now had a plan and were narrowing down where the Cartel had been holed up.


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