Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 47: Neck Deep in Werewolves Before the Night is Done

July 20th, 2018 – July 23rd, 2018


The discussion with Szofia Nadasdy (Elizabeth Bathory) revealed that she had a begrudging respect for the agents as they seemed to have come as far as they did and some of her associates suggested that they were dedicated and worth bringing into her trust. She suggested that the rest of them meet for dinner later as she would have the opportunity to further discuss the Trinity Seals. At that, the group remained in the exclusive spa while she left them, having to deal with more pressing matters.

Upon their return to their rooms, they had a note waiting for them. Written in code, they immediately detected the communication was from Pascal Lerue, suggesting he was at the hotel and staying on a different floor. He beckoned them to meet up with him to report on their latest activities.

Arriving at his room, Wolfgang Fechtner and Cal Morrison filled him in on what had been happening the past few weeks, including why they were in Vienna, specifically their recent encounter with Bathory. This quickly began a conversation where Cal was on the defensive with Fechtner and Lerue, wildly defending a possible alliance with Bathory, whereas his associates were far less trusting of her. It was clear that the exposure to the Bathory Journals may have had a negative impact on him and could have warped his mind. This caused Lerue to decide to keep a close watch on his associate to ensure he had not completely slipped into madness. But one thing was evidently clear – he would not allow for an attack against the Countess and strongly felt she was a worthy ally.

Later they were all taken to a private dining area on a secure floor that was heavily guarded. It was there they met the Countess for dinner (of course she dined on something altogether different than her guests). Throughout the course of the evening, they engaged her in conversation and she introduced them to two of her associates; her majordomo, Janos Ujvary and the leader of her mercenaries, Martin Schule.

The Countess then turned her attention towards the topic of the Trinity Seals. She explained that these seals were powerful weapons against Dracula. If used in the proper way, they would hobble his ability to react to the agents and could potentially weaken him. The Countess told them that she had information that an agent of Russian President Viktor Petrov, Igor Vozich, had stolen the seals from the State Russian Museum in Moscow and had arranged a sale with a likely Edom agent, Jorge Robles. The meeting was happening in Budapest in roughly 48 hours. The Countess offered assistance if the team needed it, in the form of a team of mercenaries and her chief mercenary, Schule. The team agreed and set out to pack their things and co-ordinate with Schule.

En route to Buspast, a couple of days later, Cal examined some of the research he had conducted on the Bathory Journals and made a stunning determination. In questioning why the Countess would be so intent on destroying Dracula, he realized that her likely goal was nothing short of removing Dracula, taking his pre-existing organization, and assuming control for herself. She was a being of ambition and ruthlessness and dealing with her would be something that would have to be taken with even more care than was already being given.

The team arrived in Budapest in immediately investigated the location where the exchange was to take place – a cemetery outside the city. They searched for all possible points of entry and exit and planned out where they would position Bathory’s mercenaries. Meanwhile, Cal set out positioning remote detonated claymores and hunting down an RPG in case things went badly.

The following night, when they arrived, they hid in various positions and placed Vicente Rojas on top of a caretaker’s building nearby. He would provide excellent sniper cover. Everything was just about ready. But Cal had one more plan up his sleeve.

Cal set out to create a dummy account and planned on intercepting the electronic payment that Rojas was going to provide to Vozich. Knowing that the money would likely come from Bichi National Bank, Cal was ready to create a stalling tactic for the deal, hoping the confusion would buy them some time to swoop in and steal the Trinity Seals.

When the met began, the two groups came together from different directions and had a brief discussion. When it was evident that Robles wanted to see the item that Vozich had brought, there seemed to be some kind of initial problem. Based on partial lip reading and partial study of body language, Fechtner determined that perhaps Robles thought it was a fake or perhaps something with the authenticity was in question. But the issue was quickly resolved and the deal continued. It was at this point that Cal executed his scheme.

As soon as the money was being transferred, Cal intercepted it and only allowed 10% of the funds to process. This caused more confusion on the part of the two teams. And they seemed to begin to take some kind of precautionary action but the precise nature of the action was unclear. But within moments, things began to get brutal.

Immediately behind Fechtner and Cal appeared a disturbingly mangy dog that was growling, catching their attention. As it turned out, the creature seemed impervious to physical attacks, indicating it was some kind of apparition or disguised surveillance system. When the shooting began, everyone drew and the bullets were everywhere in mere moments. The most shocking aspect was when several of Robles’ men transformed into werewolves and began savage attacks. But fortunately, the agents were prepared with silver jacketed rounds.

As the firefight continued and enemies were picked off in a short amount of time, Lerue made his way to Robles and Vozich and snatched the item that was being sold and raced it to safety. As soon as they had killed all the guards as well as the werewolves, they quickly escaped, unsure of exactly who would arrive next. But either way, they did not want to be present.

En route back to Vienna to report to the Countess, they opened the satchel that was transporting the items and to their surprise, they discovered that the contained did not have three Trinity Seals, but merely one Trinity Seal. This was certainly something they would have to investigate as there were clearly two others out there they they would have to track down.


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