Night's Black Agents: Dracula Dossier

Episode 12: The House that Death Built

January 8th, 2018 – January 9th, 2018

Still laying low in Munich, the team of investigators continued their plans. Munich, after all, had a large number of clues to follow up on. Franco Selvaggio continued his undercover work by getting to know some of the locals, while Cal Morrison, Wolfgang Fechtner and Ilari Vasyl decided to set up an appointment with Radu Leutner, director of sales for arms manufacturer, Leutner Fabrichen. While they put together their cover story, Vicente Rojas monitored the area to ensure there was no clear danger.

The cover story they created was that Cal was an attache for the Angolan prince and government in exile, who needed weapons to arm revolutionaries to defend themselves from a neighboring dictator who had overrun the country. Wolfgang created the passports and Cal made accurate back stories with an electronic trail. With them, they brought a briefcase full of cash to make the deal seem more realistic in hopes of getting Leutner to reveal some information about the mysterious weapons they had encountered weeks ago at Hillingham House.

Arriving at Leutner Fabrichen, Ilari took notice of a strange figure watching them. In order to keep his cover, he had to stay away and not follow up on his suspicions.

The offices of Leutner Fabrichen in Munich were impressive. State of the art security and opulent surroundings, intended to show prospective customers the power and authority of the Bulgarian arms dealer, made for a good impression. Meeting with Mr. Leutner at the top floor in the executive offices, they began negotiating over the possible arms sale while Cal used every ounce of diplomatic skills to gain Leutner’s confidence as well as frighten him into a better position. As trust or fear began to overtake Leutner, he did mention that he had ‘friends’ who were in the position to act as mercenaries for the exiled prince, specifically mentioning the Paladin Group and also mentioned that he had allies in the community who were currently supplying the exiled prince’s rival, the neighboring dictator.

At some point in the conversation, Wolfgang showed the mysterious handgun to Leutner. The piece, recovered at Hillingham House and without any serial numbers, was clearly of Leutner Fabrichen design. Upon seeing the weapon, Leutner became almost terrified, stating that the deal that was made by his company to the shadowy organization who wanted them was not made by him, suggesting that it was his father who had made that deal. They surmised, based upon his description, that the shadowy organization was none other than Edom and that their lead negotiator was an intimidating woman, a supposed furniture buyer. The investigators immediately drew a connection between Vendella French, a furniture buyer, meeting with Countess Margo Dolinz, and the current individual Leutner was referencing. French, clearly an Edom operative had bought the weapons and was also meeting with Countess Dolinz.

The negotiations concluded with Leutner agreeing to help, offering Cal his personal contact information and the agreement to arm him with some weapons and ammunition with unusual specifications. However, the catch was that they had to go through an intermediary, an arms dealer in Romania named Natalia Constantin. The shipment would be ready in two weeks’ time.

Returning to their hotel outside of Munich, Cal got a call from Gloriana Ambry, his girlfriend, who had been traveling in France. Gently inquiring where he was and how long he would be (she was aware of his connection with ‘the Agency’), she also mentioned that Agent Tyler Gold had been looking for him and had stopped by. She also asked whether some flowers that had just arrived were from him, somewhat surprised when they were not and had no indication of who they were from.

Next, the investigative team decided to go to the Dead House as there were several connections that had come up with the location, including one from the text Dracula (where Jonathan Harker had first appeared) as well as a connection to famed assassin Victoria Cavanaugh.

Arriving, the Dead House was located in a dark alley and a nondescript location. As Wolfgang and Vicente distracted the lone staff member over his love of the occult and horror films, Ilari crept to the back, seeing the corpses laid out and seeing a large metal door that had several redundant security measures – an electronic lock as well as a key lock. Ilari also saw a corpse that had been set aside for destruction, an assignment from a ‘Dr. Drawes,’ a name they had seen before, in connection with the covert location in Scotland. Ilari came back out and suggested that they return that evening and see what was inside that room.

Meanwhile, as Cal stayed in the van, he noticed a mysterious figure coming down the ally, towards the Dead House. Further, he saw an Axel Logistics van in the area as well. Something was about to happen!

Contacting the group inside, they came out of the Dead House and managed to intercept the person before, what was assumed to be a kidnapping, took place. As soon as they secured her, the Axel Logistics van sped off. Quickly, the individual revealed herself as Billie Harker, a name that raised red flags due to her connection with Jonathan Harker (and strangely, the Dead House). In their escape, Billie showed an amazing amount of grace under pressure and physical skills that made her more than just a damsel in distress.

Getting as far away from the Dead House as possible, they took Billie to a biergarten where they could interview her in a more relaxed setting. She explained that she was a law school student in London on winter break. But for several weeks she had some dreams of not only the Munich Dead House but also of Ilari. She kept seeing his face and something in her dreams drew her to Munich and to him, but they were dreams she could not understand. When asked about her knowledge of Dracula, as a book, she, of course, knew it but her only exposure was the film starring Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder. When Cal looked into her ancestry, he discovered she was the great-great granddaughter of Jonathan and Mina Harker. She, had no idea about any of this at all.

Realizing they were sitting on top of an interesting asset, they decided they needed to protect her. Wolfgang activated a deep cover agent he knew, Daniela Vogel, a BND agent posing as an actress in Munich. Leaving Billie with her, for the time being, they continued their investigation of the Dead House.

That evening, they broke into the Dead House, bypassing the security and making their way to the strange room Ilari had uncovered. After getting past electronic security and the key lock, they opened the door, discovering, to their shock and horror, a Red Room, within. This was evidently some kind of safehouse for Vampires or even Dracula, himself.


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